A worthy successor to the DS? This is what she could look like!

The President of the French Republic still drives a DS today. a (or a) DS 7 Elysee, which is a good and representative car. But in terms of elegance, it has a certain amount of catching up to do compared to the true DS. What was once a goddess is now just an SUV. The fact that it is one of the more visually appealing types can be seen as positive. It would not be difficult to find your way back to old elegance and grandeur. Jean Louis Bui, who recently drove an ë-2CV Concept made a name for itself, showed a few years ago what a modern DS could look like.

DS Revival - the future can be so elegant
DS Revival – the future can be so elegant

Behind the DS were André Lefèbvre, who had the technical vision, and Flaminio Bertoni, who shaped those ideas. He didn't create a car, but a sculpture for eternity. Of course, there was also Paul Magès, who introduced hydropneumatics to the world, Robert Puiseux and Pierre Bercot, who had the vision to make the project a reality. But it's about the design, which was visionary at the time and seemed straight out of the future. The large panoramic windscreen, the sloping rear, the elegance and the attention to the smallest detail.

DS Revival by Jean Louis Bui

What would a DS look like in the present if one followed Bertoni's recipe? Jean Louis Bui did it a few years ago. Even before DS, now as its own brand, launched a new flagship. the DS 9 is certainly an elegant contribution and an alternative in the automotive world, but only partially does justice to the big name DS in terms of exterior design.

Jean Louis Bui designed the new DS - with no chance of realization
Jean Louis Bui designed the new DS - with no chance of realization

Unlike the design by Jean Louis Bui. He shows quite clearly the missed chances. Again, a large panoramic windshield attracts the attention of passers-by. An airplane cockpit. A cockpit. The A-pillar seems to disappear (like the Saab 9-5 NG), the pulpit seems to float. Bui also draws a fascinating, sloping boat stern, which means that the design is no longer retro or kitsch, but very much of the present.

That the rear wheels are semi-faired adds to the pain of not getting this car. The roof itself is floating light, maybe even plastic, like the original DS.

Why not just do it and build fascinating cars again?
Why not just do it and build fascinating cars again?

Why is discouragement reigning?

Of course, one wonders why it always has to stay with drawings and ideas? Is the present so despondent, has the AI ​​already taken over, whose algorithms finely balance the market opportunities and no longer allow automotive personalities?

It would be so easy to put a new goddess on wheels like Jean Louis Bui drew her and the market would celebrate her. Platforms for electric cars today give designers almost every freedom. Much more than all generations before them had.

Despite this, and perhaps precisely because of this, cars are becoming more and more uniform and despondent. Thought for the global market, compatible with as many tastes as possible. That doesn't make a divine bouillabaisse.

But just a bland dish out of a can.

With pictures by Jean Louis Bui

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    I have already configured the DS7 two or three times, as well as the DS9. In my eyes, really well-proportioned cars. Are just also become quite expensive cars.
    I've already tried to get a DS7. The two "DS Salon" suggested for me were about 200km away from where I live. Then I wrote that I had a Citroen dealer 5km away and asked if he could show me a DS7. The answer, well, a bit of fluff about primium and more upscale equipment in the salon, is unfortunately not possible at the Citroen dealer!
    You can see the result of this aloof attitude on the street, or you just don't see it. DS7, maybe one every leap year, DS9 haven't seen one yet, not even in nearby Switzerland.

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      The sales network still needs to be fine-tuned. But it's also not that easy to find partners here. A Saab workshop, with a beautiful and spacious showroom, was about to include DS in the program. I would have welcomed that, but then they decided against it, even though it would have been a good fit.

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    "... The A-pillar seems to disappear (like the Saab 9-5 NG)..."
    But I know of at least one other "newer Swedish" car that - at least in my opinion - looks like this... 😉 😉 😉

    The DS Revival is a beautiful design!
    But I just think that the covered rear “wheel housings” were kept too close to the original.
    I don't think that's really up-to-date anymore (and not very practical anyway).

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      Yes, how could I have forgotten your car. It's just so rare and handpicked that I sometimes hide the 9-4x. Sorry!

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      Small supplement:
      I also like Jean Louis Bui's “SM” draft (Google images of it). Especially the front.

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        Is it, yes I have the SM Concept for other readers here link.

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    I think two things are really unfortunate. On the one hand, that Citroen used the abbreviation DS for a bit more chi-chi, on the other hand, that the past has to be tried again and again in order to bring attractive design onto the road. But that's the case with every manufacturer.
    I hope that the manufacturers in e-mobility dare to design more to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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      I think there will be nothing else left. If the design doesn't score points, then ultimately it will be about the price. The industry cannot want that.

      You can see from the pack of Chinese e-car manufacturers that are spreading in Europe how it will not work. The designs almost always come from Italy, they are absolutely comparable, there is nothing brand-specific anymore. This will become noticeable in 2 to 3 years when the European premium providers strike back.

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      Too bad things...

      I also think it's a pity about the DS and not wise from Citroën. A group/brand with such a great past (Traction Avant, DS, SM, CX, XM) does not need to found and establish a “luxury brand” (!) …

      Toyota and Honda had no other choice. On the world market, no one would have bought a premium sedan from Toyota, which also looked like a plagiarism of the S-class. That was possible as a Lexus.

      Citroën has never had such image problems. On the contrary, a long tradition of large and independent to idiosyncratic cars, which per se are beyond any suspicion of plagiarism.
      Completely different conditions than in Japan. A high and unnecessary risk of founding a new brand, making it known and having to set up a separate sales department. And it is anything but conclusive, almost a little schizophrenic, when this brand explicitly refers to its roots in the name (DS). You can't possibly want to be a Citroën and something else at the same time. It's as if Lexus insisted from the start that every Lexus is a Toyota. This is exactly what was avoided when Japanese premium brands were founded, and for good reason. You don't break with your own history and then refer to it. One does not send confused signals when aiming for a new and specific image...

      Above all, you don't break with your tradition if you want to refer to it at the same time. Citroën would have been better advised to build a (!) DS again than to spin off the DS brand. Furthermore, under the double angle, in addition to a DS, other optically and technically modified models with a high level of equipment could also have been offered as the XY "DS-Line". Quasi as a Citroën AERO ...

      I still don't understand the DS brand and the group's motivation behind it. On the other hand, what I understand well is the designers' vision of A new DS (or a new SM). These may not be hits in every detail, but they are astonishingly good finger exercises by the creators, which impressively show how much potential in terms of design and image is currently being left unexploited by corporations and brands. And I don't even think the designs are retro. When form and function are right, they are timeless...

      We cannot and must not allow certain designs to be banned just because they have historical models. I would like to be able to buy knives tomorrow too, with the back of the blade at the top and the cutting edge at the bottom...

      What has proven itself in automotive construction and design is welcome to stay or experience a revival. Whether it looks “retro” or not is of no interest to me personally, at least for me it is not a stumbling block, not a valid point of criticism.

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    I just watched the DS 9 virtually. The qualities seem to lie within, the exterior design is quite plain but not unattractive. The spark that doesn't want to fly is missing. If there was more courage on the outside, that would be different.

    By the way, I haven't seen a DS 9 on the road yet!

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    Great written...

    It is exactly like that. All automotive groups write the same specifications for the designers and developers of whatever brand. I find the DS 9 inevitably arbitrary, designing a new DS comparatively grand...

    Is that (the DS 9) already AI or statistics? An almost philosophical and at the same time superfluous question, because there is no artificial intelligence and certainly no artificial creativity...

    Instead, there are fascinating computing capacities and performances and certainly also “self-learning” software, which, however, implements “learning goals”, which in turn are specified and programmed. The human (the programmer) determines what a "self-learning" program evaluates as learning progress, when it turns in which direction. That has little to do with intelligence and creativity...

    If you look at the DS (9) and DIE DS, this is immediately obvious. Beautiful design. The only thing I would wish for was a slightly narrower rear axle - like the historical model with no flared wheel arches. If it's supposed to be front-wheel drive, the less love handles she has, she'll be able to take corners even better. A goddess does not need a wide pelvis!

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    Something like a new DS would have been really sensational. It's hard to believe that this design isn't that fresh anymore either. The last big Citroën for the time being was the C6. (Until the author explains to me that the new C5 X is awesome too 😉 )

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