New - Saab 96 V4 Sweden Rally 1976 in 1:18 from IXO

IXO presents us with two new miniatures on a scale of 1:18. The winning car of the 1976 Sweden Rally by Per Eklund and Björn Cederberg and the works rally car by Stig Blomqvist and Hans Sylvan were created in cooperation with the Saab Museum. Since IXO is not on the premium track, but offers the model cars at popular prices, a closer look at them is quite exciting.

Two new Rallye Saab from IXO
Two new Rallye Saab from IXO

1:18 collectibles at a good price

Both Saab Rally cars are with us Shop available for Aero X Club members for €60,00 each. The street price of the Saab 96 V4 Sweden Rally is currently between 62,95 and 69,95, which is cheap. 1:18 collector's models can now cost up to €150,00, more than double the IXO miniatures.

A closer look at the model cars should show us why this is so. No disadvantage can be seen in the processing. On the contrary, she is experienced and flawless. Both vehicles that we unpacked are perfect. There is nothing to complain about, everything is put together as it should be. The paint finish is also good and has no weaknesses. The stickers are glued precisely, so the quality control seems to be right.

What you couldn't always say in the last few months with significantly more expensive models from other brands.

In fact, the low price leaves its mark. Or rather, it leaves no room for extravagance. The harness belts on the Rallye seats are of course not made of fabric, but are graphically indicated with decals. The belt over the bonnet as well, but these are not weaknesses. Because, in addition to the pleasing pricing, I find other details that are fun.

High sympathy factor for the Saab 96 V4 Sweden Rally

The original Saab Troll is stuck to the rear windows, just like the works cars from the rally workshop once had. Additional headlights on the front carry the Bosch covers, the Rallye decals look authentic and there was even a budget for the mud flaps with Saab lettering.

Our test in the office resulted in a high attention value for both model cars. Even people who don't have anything to do with Saab or small collector's items found the two 96s absolutely great.

Maybe it's a good thing that no exorbitant price is being asked here. Then the miniatures don't disappear forever in safe showcases, but you show courage and place them as eye-catchers and decorative elements on the desk, in the living room, or wherever there is room for color.

Because, in this case, that would be the advice of the editors. Both buy, present together and have fun every day with so much colour, motorsport and joie de vivre plus Saab tradition. And when your best friend or grandson shows up in the office and grabs the Saab, you can easily see it. Maybe the brand will gain a new fan and the two green rally things from IXO are the best brand ambassadors in 1:18 scale.

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