Saab meeting at the campsite and other appointments

Saab fans will meet in the southwest on Friday. 16 Saab are already registered, more are possible. The regulars' table of the Saab Club Stuttgart-Alb invites you. Of course, the big meeting of the Saab Session Slovakia is still waiting in October. So there are still a few dates to be discovered before the 2022 season ends and a number of Saab disappear into dry garages.

Saab plus Saabo - ready for camping
Saab plus Saabo - ready for camping

???????? 09. 09. 2022

Saab Club Stuttgart-Alb

Saab regulars' table on Friday, September 9th from 19:00 p.m. in the Ristorante-Pizzeria Calabria in Aichelberg at the campsite

Bunzenberg 2, 73101 Aichelberg

Please register at: Stuttgart-Alb (ät)

???????? 17. 09. 2022

Saab Sport Club Grand Meeting

Big Saab meeting at the Lac du Der-Chantecoq between Marne and Haut-Marne. Hosted by Saab Sport Club. European Saab meeting in France.

???????? 17. 09. 2022

4. Saab exit Rhön

The popular Saab Tour in the middle of Germany starts for the 4th time. The route is already being planned, it will lead through Thuringia, Bavaria and Hesse.

Registration for the Saab exit is now possible.

The meeting is fully booked.

(I.e. 07 – 09 October 10

Saab Session Slovakia

The big annual Saab meeting in Slovakia.

Registration desired via FB.

???????? 15. 10. 2022

Saab regulars' table Schleswig Holstein/Hamburg

Saab season finale 2022 - exit to the Hanseatic city of Wismar

The Saab regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg is organizing a trip to the end of the Saab season again this year, going to the Hanseatic city of Wismar.

Meeting point in the morning at the back drive in 22145 Braak, breakfast together, stopover in the former border village of Schlagsdorf east of Lake Ratzeburg in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Then it goes to Bothmer Castle and then in the direction of the Baltic Sea near the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen for a stopover in the café of the Steinbecker Hofladen.

The route then leads along the Baltic Sea in the direction of Wismar. In Wismar we will then take part in a guided tour together, which will then end in the evening in the Reuterhaus restaurant. I would be happy to send you a road book by email when you register.

Participant limit: 50 people

So there's a lot going on in the Saab north again - we're happy and, as always, all Saab fans are welcome!

Registration desired to participate: Meike.Christophel (at)

All Saab dates are published without guarantee from our side. We are not liable for postponements, cancellations or incorrectly transmitted appointments.

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If you are planning a Saab event, a ride or a social gathering, bring it on. We publish free of charge as timely and flexible as possible. The Saab fans look forward to further reports.

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