The Fourgonnette, the new Citroën 2 CV Van, comes in three variants

The official designation is cumbersome. The Citroën 2 CV Berlingo Fourgonnette, as it is called in the press release, can now be pre-ordered. It is based on the current Berlingo, Carosserie Caselani turns it into a 2 CV van. With all the risks and side effects for the fans, and under the manufacturer's license. Who will take a very close look at the reactions of the market. The new van with the typical double angle comes in three variants. That makes the selection quite delicate, because each version has its own special charm.

Citroen Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette
This is it - the Citroën Berlingo 2 CV Fourgonnette

Charm and retro design

Caselani and designer David Obendorfer completely redesigned the base. The fact that the result is convincing and not just any retro contribution speaks for the quality of the work. The effort is considerable, because the front end of the Berlingo has been completely redesigned. The grille, bumpers and wheel arches have been replaced with fiberglass components that incorporate the typical corrugated iron style.

The large double angle in the radiator grille quotes the 2 CV AU, the headlights are inserted backwards in the hood in contrast to the historical model.

retro design? Safe, but well staged.
retro design? Safe, but well staged.

Sides, doors and roof also wear the corrugated sheet metal skin made of fiberglass. In contrast to the front end, however, these components sit completely on the Berlingo body. They serve the optics, are a homage to bygone times, but unlike back then they no longer have a function.

On the 2 CV AU, corrugated sheet metal was used to reinforce the body, a feature taken from aircraft construction.

The doors at the rear also quote the original, but the windows are larger than they were then and allow a better view outside. The rear lights deliver charm in perfection. They combine history and modernity, are larger and more powerful than the lights of the 2 CV.

Carosserie Caselani is launching three versions of the Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette. The decision for customers could be difficult.

Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette "Panel Van"
Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette “Panel Van”

Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette “Panel Van”

The Transporter in the Fourgonnette family is the offer for tradespeople. The 2 CV panel van for 2 passengers and a lot of cargo. What looks so unbelievably like a historic box duck runs with the most modern technology.

The drive is either purely electric, with a 50 kW battery, or with the proven good 130 hp diesel or a 110 hp Puretech petrol engine. The Panel Van is optionally available with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette “Crew Cab Van”

If you have a lot of people to transport, you can go to the 2 CV Crew Cab Van to grab. With a long wheelbase, it offers 6 seats. With commercial registration, it is available as a diesel or petrol engine, analogous to the Panel Van's engine. Of course there is also this version with a purely electric drive.

The passenger version is the "Passenger" van
The passenger version is the “Passenger” van

Incidentally, the raised roof from the second row of seats is pure nostalgia and borrowed from the original Fourgonnette. Like the side parts, it is placed on the Berlingo body and offers no further advantages beyond the optics.

Citroën 2 CV Fourgonnette “Passenger Van”

On the short wheelbase of the e-Berlingo and the equipment level "Shine" sets the Passenger van on. It has 4 seats and is only available purely electrically.

The 2 CV Fourgonnette is available for pre-order in Italy. It offers a lot of charm and style and will make the streets a little bit more colorful in the future. Retro style meets modern technology from mass production and individuality does not necessarily have to lead to headaches. Any Citroën partner can service the Fourgonnette.

Is there a downside? There is – under certain circumstances. Because what looks so wonderfully like corrugated iron on the outside and could arouse nostalgic feelings meets the unchanged Berlingo look of the 21st century in the interior.

With a lot of technology, great comfort and safety. But also less charm.

With images from Carosserie Caselani

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    The hit! Unfortunately, you will probably only see a few in Germany. The capacity for the conversion is likely to be limited.

    • blank

      That's right, I saw 7 pieces yesterday. At Caselani in the yard, you just have to want to treat yourself!
      They even take money... sorry, I'm ironic.
      Tom your wife ordered the wrong Citroen, they even have an electric one...and Frascisco is a nice guy who should be supportive!
      go4saab+ Caselani

  • blank

    Charming, charming...

    Charm and retro design are also somewhat shaky, however. Buyers should be careful how they order the Fourgonette...

    The corrugated iron look clearly harmonises better with the cool, metallic colors. With the warm, bright red Passenger, the association with corrugated iron has almost vanished for me – especially since the window means that there is less space to create it.

    And then also white wall tires? They are like a waving fence post. RETRO, RETRO! !

    In fact, I find them a bit silly in that exact color, tires, and body...

    Basically, I think the design of the Fourgonette is great. But it is sensitive, so it has its tipping points and factors...

    The Passenger works in cold colors. And vice versa, the panel van with its large corrugated iron quote can easily handle other warm colors that don't work well on the passenger?

    I would generally do without whitewall tires and baroque wheels on both. That's a bit silly, distracts from the successful body and isn't exactly typical for a 2CV.

    Speaking of typical 2CV. I recently met a team (motorcycle with sidecar) at a gas station. Nice short talk. I point to the 3rd wheel. A plain, black sheet metal and rubber disc held by 3 nuts “2CV?”
    driver grins. "Of course!"

    The wheels of a 2CV were almost without exception a festival of minimalism. The simple steel rims were sometimes available in body color at Citroën. You are doing the design of the Fourgonette a disservice if you put it on gimmicky wheels, unnecessarily withholding a typical 2CV feature...

    I hope to see it in the wild as often as possible in the form of successful combinations of colour, body version and wheels. She is an asset. But one with tipping factors.

    • blank

      A plain gray, like the Fougonnette of yesteryear, would suit all versions very well.

      The red is clearly too bright, it spoils the design because it's too "loud".

      • blank

        Yes, a simple, light, latently bluish (i.e. rather cool) grey. In addition, unperforated steel rims in body color and just no whitewall tires.

        That would suit her damn well...

    • blank

      I would like to send you a photo of my Luis. White and turquoise. Can you also post pictures here, Tom? I'm not digital native..

  • blank

    The thing has charm.
    ... and also the right size .... 🙂
    ... and finally something authentic and charming (and not quite so “smoothed”)!

    We don't think too much about real "sustainability" with the cute new "frog eyes"... 😉

    • blank

      definitely no rust with gfk go4saab

  • blank

    Chic! And finally I understood how the waves get on the sheet metal. Well done, I'd be interested to see the prices.


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      ... read the days somewhere (Focus, Stern, Spiegel, picture, etc. ... yes picture, sorry) ... roughly + € 10.000 ....

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        Great article Tom.. I think the idea that Caselani is implementing here is really cool. The costs are okay.. but maintained and serviced like my Saab, maybe the extra design and non-rusting fenders made of fiberglass remind me of my youth (Trabant).. hahaam 05.05. I pick up my mobile home from Caselani. Then I can watch everything there live and in color + 3D.. I think it will be a

        • blank

          Have fun at Caselani! I'm really looking forward to the impressions!

          • blank

            ... we always rave about the shapely and individual Citroën and DS ...
            ... and then imagine Citroën the "Citroën Oli" before (well, he is "individual")! 😉

            • blank

              Yes, a shock. But with inner values. Maybe I'll write about it.

              But not today, I have to take care of the Saab (plural) in front of the house.

              • blank

                ... yes, the inside of the car (in the film at Autobild) at least seemed better than the outside ... 😉

                • blank

                  It's correct. And there is a lot of innovation in it. Just reading the press texts 😉

                  • blank

                    ... I particularly liked that the "screens" are rather discreet and small ...

            • blank

              Oh yes, it hurts a bit at first sight...

              But then? It's just a concept car. And what a thing! Brimming with good ideas and overdue steps in the right direction...

              I am fascinated by so much rethinking, innovation and the courage behind it. Spot and rejection were already deliberately priced in. Citroën will dissect the reactions under the magnifying glass. Provoking and risking them at all shows a very pronounced will and inclination towards progressive and independent solutions. For me, the Oli is a worthy Citroën concept car and stands in a tradition with many other unconventional solutions, the historically longest unconventional of all French car manufacturers ...

              Back to the basics, the Oli not only stands for reduced vehicle weight, reduced pacifiers and an amazing range with a small battery. For me, this concept car also embodies Citroën's return to old virtues (the innovative spirit and unconventional solutions) that were once a Citroën hallmark. The thing is really fascinating. It will be exciting to see what conclusions Citroën draws from this. What kind of design and manufacturing technology might one day find in series production? Really exciting...

          • blank

            depending on the car with the jumper high roof 19k euro .. go4saab

            sure….francesco explained the design and all the functions to me personally and with the Italian license plates i was asked several times in every parking lot who was building it and if you were allowed to take pictures!!!

            Hello Citroen don't kip!! strike it's your moment... mister T. stellantis.wake up..
            its like mini only bigger !!!

        • blank

          it was a party!!!!

        • blank

          depending on the car with the jumper high roof 19k euro .. go4saab

      • blank

        Thanks! Corrugated iron has its price. That thing is damn attractive.

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      depending on the car with the jumper high roof 19k euro .. go4saab

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