Legend building - the last Saab, they are becoming more and more expensive

With the 2014 model year, NEVS sent the last Saab onto the road. A total of 451 vehicles, then fell the operation. The brand was history, but the creation of legends about the last vehicles only slowly gained momentum. A number of 9-3s, produced for China, were still in the delivery area in the Stallbacka for a long time. The China variants lacked the ESP that was mandatory for Europe. It was only months later, when production had long since come to a standstill, that the conversion began in the factory.

Even the subsequent sale, mostly to employees and local ex-Saab employees, only worked at the best prices. No trace of legends and lively demand.

Then it was over. There were no more new Saab.

It began what then usually begins. Because there are only two options. One, the more realistic, is that a brand will disappear and be forgotten. The other that it matures into a legend.

The last Saab - production in Trollhättan
The last Saab - production in Trollhättan

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