Our Saab blanket "1947" can be ordered now!

We did it and offer two different color variants of the Saab wool blanket "1947". A blanket that is not only intended for the Swedish car, but also for the couch at home. If it gets a little colder this winter and the room temperature drops.

Because being prepared is everything. When it's done in a stylish way, like with our blankets, you can endure a cooler environment with stoic composure.

Saab rugs 1947

Two blankets may bring the challenge of having to make a decision. This can be difficult under certain circumstances, which is why we have also put together a pragmatic bundle. One blanket for at home, one for traveling in the Saab. Just as a consideration.

We forward all incoming orders (almost) in real time to our local manufactory, which starts production and ensures that the stores of Italian wool do not run out.

The pre-order phase of the Saab car covers in Red orange, Blue or as Bundle with both suits, ends 16.10.22/44/XNUMX. The edition is limited and it is unique. As with the “First Edition” blanket, we won't be reissuing the design. We will start delivery in week XNUMX. All members of the Aero X Club and holders of the predecessor subscription can order in our shop.

3 thoughts on "Our Saab blanket "1947" can be ordered now!"

  • Gigantic great. Thanks to the blog! Order is out!

  • Cool blanket and it's already ordered! I'm really looking forward to it and to further ideas from the blog team. A little salvation in a totally crazy time! Best regards from Saxony and all Saab crazy people have a nice weekend.

  • Great action. The design(s) are on par and both good...


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