Saab 9000 won't start (continued and solution)

About 2 months ago, the 9000 attracted attention with problems. It won't start anymore, the EDU stays black. Troubleshooting does not bring any results on the first attempt, on the second it leads to the ignition lock. Its sensitive cleaning and after-treatment with a non-resinous silicone spray shows a satisfactory result.

The Saab 9000 then starts willingly, but unfortunately the all-clear signal does not last. At some point, a few weeks later, the Saab draws attention to itself again with exactly the same error pattern. This causes me stress and is unacceptable. Because the 9k flies short and medium-haul routes every day, while the 9-5 is assigned to long-haul routes. Reliability is essential, even with an older car.

Saab 9000 won't start - continuation and solution
Saab 9000 won't start - continuation and solution

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