New DS 3 – Parisian haute couture for the metropolis

From car blog to haute couture, what a balancing act. The new DS 3 makes it possible. Some days it's not all about engines and drives. Exceptionally, it is also about fashion and color. DS Automobiles has freshly revised the DS 3, which has clearly done the smallest model of the Gallic capital brand good. The new DS 3, which like the large DS 7 now does without the addition of Crossback, is visibly more mature. However, DS is particularly proud of a new colour, the development of which is said to have taken years.

But that's not all. The DS 3 E-Tense impresses with facts that one would not necessarily have expected from an haute couture beauty.

The electric E-Tense version draws on technology from Formula E
The electric E-Tense version draws on technology from Formula E

Diva Red for the DS 3

It is remarkably different when a car brand takes the liberty in the press release to ponder a new body color at length. Not first about the larger battery that the electric DS 3 E-Tense has, nor about the new electric motor.

The story: In 2013, DS Automobiles introduced the “DS Wild Rubis” concept car during the Shanghai Motor Show. The car itself is long forgotten, but the red hue left an impression.

On the one hand with the Chinese, who associate red with luck, on the other hand with DS itself. The rich, eye-catching and also elaborate red should come into series production. In fact, the concept car was painted twice with 11 coats of paint to get a deep effect.

That was not a real perspective for series production.

DS 3 in distinctive diva red
DS 3 in distinctive diva red

Many years and allegedly more than 40 attempts later, the Colours, Materials & Finishes team at DS now presents Diva Red. A very deep, stunning red exclusive to DS and based on the latest techniques. Rubies, candied apples and spiced cherries provided inspiration, says DS.

Poetry in automobile construction. So relaxing different.

Do you need to know? Not really. But, that's it, the world of haute couture.

The new DS 3, which partly inherited the grown-up face from the new DS 7, is Parisian haute couture for those who want to travel more beautifully in the compact class. Anyone who appreciates design and selected materials and is willing to dig a little more generously into their pockets has arrived at their destination.

The DS 3 is the designer piece beyond the mainstream, it fills a small niche. The technology has been revised, 400 kilometers are now possible electrically according to WLTP, and the engine output has increased to 115 kW. Combustion engines are still available, even a diesel engine, DS Automobiles (still) gives the customer the choice.

Haute couture in the interior of the new DS 3
Haute couture in the interior of the new DS 3

There is everything on board that is also available in larger vehicle classes. In addition to selected materials, a head-up display, a 360-degree camera, new entertainment and countless digital assistants are optionally available. The DS 3 is completely networked, many functions are accessible via the "MyDS app” controllable.

European technology in the DS 3

However, technical facts could be more important than design and coatings, beyond the chic of haute couture. The purely electric version of the fine, small DS comes up with it. The technology is European, not Asian. The new hybrid synchronous electric motor is assembled in Trémery-Metz. The experience gained from involvement in Formula E flowed into its development. The engine delivers an output of 115 kW (156 hp) and a torque of 260 Nm at a voltage of 400 volts.

The new battery, manufactured at the Poissy plant, has a higher energy density and a compact design. It offers 54-kWh (50,8 kWh usable), has liquid-circulation thermal control and a heat pump that enables fast charging, increased range and longer lifespan.

The onboard charger provides 100 kW in DC (0 to 80% in 25 minutes) and 11 kW in AC (0 to 100% in 5 hours).

DS 3 E-Tense - the electric version
DS 3 E-Tense - the electric version

The DS 3 drives unusually efficiently. DS Automobile specifies 12,6 kWh/100 km in the WLTP cycle, and a range of 500 kilometers should even be possible in city traffic.

When haute couture meets technology and efficiency, then of course it has its price. who in Configurator plays, it brings the DS 3 E-Tense, as the electric alternative is called, to €50.000 and more without any problems.

Expensive? C'est la vie, it's life. Parisian haute couture has never been cheap.

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  • blank

    Sounds fine and once again demonstrates Citroën's independent thinking off the path of other brands ...

    The performance data of the electric motor seems to me surprisingly frugal for a vehicle for buyers with high demands - especially the torque, which can be scaled up almost arbitrarily with electric motors. Four digits are the new normal...

    Which is why other manufacturers do not resist the temptation to tempt their buyers with torque and acceleration, to convince them of electromobility with sometimes absurd driving performance...

    Those were and still are partly completely shameless bullets for a shameless clientele, which were and are bought under the guise of CO2 neutrality, mainly because of increased driving performance. Nice that there is another way...

    And I'm sure that the driving performance is still sufficient. One must never forget that the torque of an electric motor is constant over the entire speed range and is immediately available from the first revolution and from a standing start.

    No combustion engine with similar performance data can keep up at the traffic light anyway and a little modesty and resource conservation is good for the EVs if they don’t want to further discredit themselves and their drivers...

  • blank

    Hmmm ... I've been wondering for "a few or even many months" if anyone here has a "soft spot" for quirky French people!?

    Well ... whether "quirky Swedes" or "quirky French" .... individual remains individual! 🙂
    (and such a SAABoën blog is also something nice!!!!)

  • blank

    Just read and watched the video. The bold red reminds me of the Swedish turbo coupe that sits in my garage and hibernates until spring. Everything comes back, sucks!


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