Citroën opens the order books for the new C4 X and ë-C4 X in France

One of the most elegant new releases of recent times is the Citroën C4 X. A gentle touch of the former avant-garde can be discerned, the Citroën is definitely not mainstream. In France, the brand opened the order books and announced prices last week. Both combustion engines and a purely electric version can be ordered.

In Germany, however, there should only be the electric ë-C4 X. There seem to be obvious reasons for this decision.

Citroën ë-C4 X - a slight touch of the avant-garde
Citroën ë-C4 X - a slight touch of the avant-garde

Germany is the country for Citroën electric cars

Because the C4, the somewhat more conventional derivative of the Citroën middle class, obviously sells a lot better as an electric car in Germany than the combustion models. According to Citroën Germany, 65% of customers opt for the electric drive, only every third new C4 relies on the traditional combustion engine.

With the ë-C4 X, which is aimed a little more in the direction of design and avant-garde than the variants without the big X, the calculation could also work out.

In France, however, the C4 X is available from €27.650,00 as a 100 hp petrol engine. Another petrol engine with 136 hp is optionally available in the lists, as is an equally powerful diesel. Purely electrically, it also remains at a maximum of 136 hp and a range of 360 kilometers according to WLTP.

Elegant hatchback - but no tailgate
Elegant hatchback - but no tailgate

It is interesting that Citroën is keeping a respectful distance from the Nobel offshoot DS. The new DS 3 has access to the more modern technology package, it is more powerful with 156 hp, drives further and is of course also more expensive.

However, Citroën's mission is affordable mobility for everyone. That's why the ë-C4 X and C4 X deliver a portion of utility in the form of a large, 510-litre boot. In the opinion of the editors, the tailgate alone is missing for the complete happiness of the Gallic hatchback.

Always, electric and also with the combustion engine, the brand spoils the passengers with the incredible Advanced Comfort seats and the wonderful Advanced Comfort suspension.

Prices for the ë-C4 X in France

For interested parties, it is worth taking a look at the prices for the new ë-C4 X. The price list in France can only be compared with possible German prices with reservations, but gives an approximate idea of ​​what will also be called up here. For better comparability, you have to deduct the premium for electric cars of €5.000 (2023).

Large cargo compartment with 510 liters
Large cargo compartment with 510 liters

The ë-C4 X starts with the "Feel" equipment at €39.950 including local taxes, the high-quality "Shine" equipment is listed at €42.350, and the "Shine Pack" costs €43.450.

As premium equipment, the “Shine Pack” leaves almost nothing to be desired. The package includes, among other things, semi-autonomous driving according to level 2 and Alcantara equipment. All other features that you might also like to pack in an ë-C4 X are provided in advance by the "Shine" equipment, which also includes a colored head-up display, intelligent Smart Pad support, and "My Citroën Drive Plus" of the includes last generation.

If you compare prices and equipment with the offers of the market companions, then the ë-C4 priced interesting. She gives a pinch more of style and individuality under the double angle free of charge. For those who would like to know more about it now, we have the French one Price list deposited.

The C4 X family will not be making its way into dealer showrooms until the beginning of next year. Then Germany's latest Citroën contribution will also be available.

With media material from Citroën Communication

6 thoughts on "Citroën opens the order books for the new C4 X and ë-C4 X in France"

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    I have a wonderful Citroen C4X, I am interested, but I will have a petrol engine, can I order it in Belgium, and maybe later in Belgium?

  • blank

    The design appeals to me absolutely. It is independent, not overbearing and shows elegance. I like the C4 X better every time, thanks for the update!

  • blank

    The double chevron on the stern...

    looks way better than the arty farty DS logo. I still don't understand the separation into 2 brands. The Citroën looks good. Too bad the tailgate is just a trunk lid, but otherwise? Why distance yourself from yourself with an “overbrand”? The segmentation of the models could easily have been managed under one roof using the model designations “C” and “DS”.

    Spirits for burners

    E85 was always a topic here. Mainly in the comments of the readers. It is said to be around 10 times more widespread in F than ever in Germany. In addition, it is largely produced locally from waste, for example from viticulture, and is relatively CO2-neutral. Against the current background, one would also think that fuels from renewable raw and waste materials would gain in importance ...

    Is that an issue for Citroën/DS? Are there any new French cars that can E85? Or is E85 in F the substance that environmentally and cost-conscious used car owners fill up in their partly retrofitted boxes?

    Questions about questions ...

    Spiritus/ethanol is currently celebrating a certain renaissance for me - unfortunately not in the Saab BioPower, but at least in the household. Among other things, it is the best of all grill lighters because it is absolutely soot-free and, if used correctly, completely harmless. Grills, campfires, ovens and solid-fuel stoves can be heated and ignited quickly and smoke-free (!). Ethanol is really good stuff.

    In the Saab, I would prefer the quantities to be completely different and the signal to Putin or Qatar to be clearer. It would be nice if consumers could send such signals by the liter. Unfortunately not possible in D. After all, not a milliliter of a fossil and sooty firelighter comes into my house anymore.

    By the way, today we have duck. No 2CV, but barbary and free land - without electricity, fossil energy or ignition aids, without Putin or Qatar ...

  • blank

    Yes, if it weren't for the “e”. At some point we will need support for our sawmills, which are getting older and which I would like to save from winter operation in the future. Visually, the C4 X would be our thing, but the lack of choice, no hybrid, no diesel, makes the decision really difficult.

  • blank

    ... as much as I've actually been an absolute station wagon fan for decades (or was?)...

    I think that such a "bourgeois" hatchback is the ideal solution (also for the environment, etc.) for most cars.

    ... and when I think about everything that disappeared in the "maw" of our 9000`s (fridge, freezer, washing machine, furniture, etc...)

    I don't find such a C4 X bad at all ... I still struggle with the "e" ....

  • blank

    The C4 X actually calls for a tailgate - then it would be even more interesting. The design is great, but not the lack of a tailgate.

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