As a farewell, an Aero X cup bundle in the shop

All good things come to an end eventually. Only a one-digit number of the Aero X cups are still available in the shop. Then it's over and we're finally sold out. To say goodbye, we put together a bundle. The Aero X mug plus Aero X and Aero decal with a black Saab Turbo lanyard. So that the separation is not so difficult for us and the readers have some fun.

Aero X Mug Bundle
Aero X Mug Bundle

The Aero X Club cups have been the most complex project we have ventured on to date. Because the production of the cups is complicated. Many manual work steps are necessary before a cup is finished.

The Aero X lettering is engraved first, the large X - which is based on Saab's Aero concept study - is then colored red. Then the cup is given a matt satin finish and finally the cool tire pad is added. The pad not only ensures that the cup has a secure footing.

As a clever air cushion, the pad is also responsible for ensuring that the delicious coffee in the cup does not cool down too quickly.

250 pieces of the mug were produced exclusively according to our design, less than 10 pieces are now left in stock. It's the last chance to get an Aero X mug in a bundle.

Can there be a reissue? We are not sure. The production is expensive, our quantities are small and always exclusive. Maybe we'll afford the luxury next year with a different design, maybe we'll relaunch the original.

But that is pure speculation. The fact is, however, that less than 10 bundles waiting for fans in the shop.

3 thoughts on "As a farewell, an Aero X cup bundle in the shop"

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    ... I already have some and love to drink from them :-).
    Hand washing keeps the mug in “as new” condition…
    reissue? nope 😉 Exclusive.
    Altered re-creation? Always a pleasure!
    Good WE!

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    The cups are really great! I've bought every one so far and I've been blown away every time! I look forward to more great ideas in the future!

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    The two coffee mugs arrived yesterday. Thanks very much! Look really good. The quality is great and an eye-catcher on the next trip with coffee.
    Now I'm still waiting for the ceiling!

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