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November and December are the months for annual calendars! Faded car brands only play a marginal role, and mostly there are canned pictures. We took the festival in Trollhättan to mark the brand's 75th birthday as an occasion and designed a slightly different Saab calendar.

With it we build the bridge from the Ursaab to a never officially produced Saab project, the 9-5 X. More Saab history is probably not possible, and the calendar is a journey through the history of the brand - but shows it extremely lively and young in the present.

Saab calendar 2023, February (detail)
Saab calendar 2023, February (detail)

Saab calendar 2023

The Saab calendar 2023 was a challenge for us! Our theme for July 2023 is the Ursaab that started it all. In February, the Saab 9-5 X Aero – a car Saab fans built after production ended – drives across the Stallbacka Bron. The stable backabron, the bridge over the Göta Älv in sight of the former Saab factory, serves as a background for more photos; almost all motifs come from Trollhättan and its surroundings.

Der fotograf

Jan Hendrik Rühmke took the photos for us. He is a passionate Saab driver and is currently driving a ruby ​​red 900 Turbo. His special focus was on the lively, young Saab scene, which has become more and more established in recent years. Saab 9000, far beyond original condition, as shown on the May 2023 calendar sheet, are almost the norm in Sweden. The cars are rebuilt, the horsepower doubles (at least), but the brand remains so in the present for years to come.

The Saab calendar 2023 in detail

When designing the calendar, we kept the allegory of the seasons in mind. The calendar and the pictures change color from month to month. The January motif is grey, as is customary in Sweden, while August is brilliantly bright and December takes on a play of Christmas colors that fire the imagination.

Our Saab calendar 2023 includes 14 sheets including the cover sheet. 12 for the months and an additional one with information about the cars and their owners as far as we have them. The calendar is printed on high-quality 250 g/m² picture printing board in matt 4-color in DIN A3 format.

Pre-orders are now open for Aero X Club members Shop until 13.11. possible. Deliveries will start at the end of the month. Our Saab calendar is also the ideal Christmas present for any fan of the small Swedish car brand.

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    Simply Wow & Wroom…

    Awesome calendar, cars & photos.
    Just come back from short autumn break, 3 days, 2 nights. Finally drove 1.000 km Saab in a relatively short time and enjoyed every kilometer. 8,3 liters on average with a petrol engine. Brief conversation with the driver of a 9-3X with foreign license plates (only Saab sighting) in a parking lot. nice car Thank you! Wanna sell it? No way!

    I'm just a little more in the Saab fever than in everyday life and in general. This calendar pushes me out - with gasoline 😉

    Everything just fine and well done.

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    Moin moin Saab friends - really nice snapshots of fantastically beautiful vehicles ...
    I take 12 x May !!!

    All a nice WE from Thuringia

  • blank

    Wow, awesome photos. Great selection!

    PS1.: (@ Tom):
    Thank you again!!!!!
    I really, really appreciate it!!!!! 😉

    As a Bianchi & Saab fan, "June" (almost!) gets me thinking! 😉

  • blank

    Great idea with the calendar! Beautiful pictures and above all beautiful memories of the meeting!

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    my dear Tom
    you have outdone yourself again. I will remember the meeting every month. Great you can already prepare 3 for me. I will give away 2...

  • blank

    Great, the Saab calendar turned out really great! Compliments to everyone involved!


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