Saab rug 1947 - deliveries have started

In the last week we were able to pick up the first Saab blankets from our local manufactory. Another delivery will be finished in the middle of this week. Deliveries of the 1947 Saab Wool Blanket started today. Aero X Club members whose order is on the way will find a shipping confirmation in their inbox.

Nevertheless, some patience is still necessary. The blankets are manufactured goods that are specially made for us and not mass-produced goods from Asia. Crafting takes time, like all good things. The complete order backlog will only be completely processed in a few days.

Saab rug - car blanket 1947
Saab Wool Blanket - Car Blanket 1947

Because, and this is actually good news, the number of orders has more than exceeded all expectations. the Saab car covers are distributed internationally, and for the first time we are also shipping blankets to North America. There's something symbolic about that. It confirms our work, the vitality of the Saab car brand and that the Saab community is international.

We've also commissioned extra blankets for those looking for a gift for a Saab fan or loved one before Christmas. But with the end of production, when orders plus some additional blankets will have been processed by the manufactory, the design will also disappear and will no longer be reissued. The Saab blankets are and will remain exclusive!

A teaser at the end, it doesn't work without it! Of course, we will remain connected to our manufactory. Local is sustainable and we love supporting small businesses. Coming soon not with another Saab car cover project, but with other textile (and automobiles) gourmet pieces. The January 2023 campaign will also be produced locally from the manufactory's premises. Very Saabig, with the best wool, but something completely different!

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on "Saab rug 1947 - deliveries have started"

  • blank

    The blanket is really beautiful, I like it very much.
    I would be happy about a kind of “transport blanket”,
    so made of really solid material.
    In the middle then the Saab plane, I think that's perfect.

    Well, we can still dream aloud. :-))

    • blank

      Dreaming out loud is always good and we look forward to any suggestion!

  • blank

    I have one from the first series and am always happy when I see it... sooo beautiful.
    Next, a scarf, please!

    • blank

      Speculation? The first copies of the January promotion are on the desk in front of me. We have to work on the colors, otherwise "it" looks good 😉

      • blank

        I'm excited again! Your always new and exciting Saab promotions are like every month birthday for me!

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