Christmas presents? We have Saab model cars for you!

It will probably be the same this year as in previous years. Christmas is coming faster than expected, and the search for Saab Christmas gifts is spontaneously difficult. To prevent this, we have already made purchases for the Aero X Club members.

We have Saab model cars in the shop at special club prices while stocks last. These include individual items that have not been available for purchase for a long time.

Saab model car

Saab model car sale starts on Friday

The quantities are limited, what is sold out, it stays that way. Our model car sale goes online on Friday at 11.00 a.m. So it's worth going to Go to Shop to look, maybe there is something in the model car department that gives pleasure and pleases.

In addition, it ends pre sales our Saab calendar 2023 on Sunday. Until then, there is still the opportunity to pre-order the calendar at a lower price. Due to the high demand, the print shop will start production a little earlier than planned, and the first calendars will be dispatched before the end of the month.

With our Saab Specials in the Aero X Club we have almost reached the end. An action will start in December, it will be adapted to the season. The editors had a lot of fun making 2022 Saab ideas a reality. If the readers also enjoyed it, and it looks like it, we did a lot of things right.

One thought on "Christmas presents? We have Saab model cars for you!"

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    Aero X

    This heck is a hammer. What catches my eye is that the rear window is subtly recessed. The airflow over the Aero X presses on the rear, providing downforce and traction - without any pacifiers.

    My toenails always curl up when I see the automatically extended rear spoiler of modern sports cars. They look like a self-destruct mechanism in more ways than one. The plastic part with the filigree mechanism looks as if it was only designed to take damage at high speed.
    Secondly, they usually drive out even at low speeds, instantly destroying and crumbling a line, a rear end, which was perceived as a successful design when the vehicle was stationary. But suddenly there is an open pit from 60, 80 or at the latest 120 km/h, a filigree scissor mechanism and a piece of plastic painted in the car color fluttering in the wind, like one or the other heat tile of a space shuttle when it enters the earth's atmosphere. For what reason? Why a spoiler that gives the impression from a speed of 60 km/h that the vehicle is in a critical situation, has to be stabilized with complex tools?

    With the Aero X study, Saab has long shown how to do it right. Brilliant rear...

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