Order new manuals and Saab on-board literature

More than a decade after Saab ended car production, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find dedicated workshops and expertise. Some of these recommended starting points are advertised on our website, but in general the number of workshops is decreasing. Which is not a drama and corresponds to the normal course of things.

More and more often, the SaabBlog project has mutated into the final contact person and in recent weeks there has been an increased demand for Saab on-board literature. It was lost when the owner last changed, or is only available in a foreign language for imported vehicles. The good news is that new Saab on-board literature is still available in many languages. Contrary to a number of rumors and false statements. Even for models where you might not even dare to hope. There is also a lot to be had in antiquarian terms.

Saab onboard literature
Saab onboard literature

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