This difficult Saab scrap car trap - and how to escape it

My very first Saab is a Saab 9000 CS. It's one of the first to appear on the German market. The CS is part of the initial equipment that my workshop receives with the introduction of the second 9000 generation from Sweden. It's red, doesn't have a turbo under the hood, and isn't overly well equipped by Saab standards.

I come from Audi, compared to the C3 that is about to be superseded (Audi 100) the Saab 9000 is a revelation. The Audi can keep up neither in handling nor in comfort discipline or processing. It seems rough to me, quite German, while the Saab plays the finest Scandinavian upper class. I just miss the sound of the 5 cylinders.

Saab 9000 CSE
Saab 9000 CSE - historic press photo

Yes, I want to


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