Saab Calendar 2023 - delivery starts!

There is good news to report from the printer! The Saab calendar 2023 is running at full speed in production, we will get the first partial delivery tomorrow. The calendar is being sent across Europe, and Saab fans can look forward to it. Because something very Saab is coming in the mail in the next few days!

Saab calendar 2023

In fact, it will take a few days for all of our calendar orders to be processed. We are working hard to have all Saab calendars sent out by the end of next week. The shop system sends corresponding messages by e-mail to the customer. They should take into account the slightly longer mail delivery times before Christmas.

You haven't ordered a Saab calendar 2023 yet? Then it's about time! We still have a few calendars available that are in the Ordered Aero X Club Shop can become. Although we have already increased the order with the printer, there are only less than 10 Saab calendars 2023 that are freely available.

Interested parties can access it quickly, as things currently stand, there will be no additional production.

The 2023 Saab calendar is an ideal Christmas present for all fans and friends of the Swedish cult brand. It consists of 14 pages, you can see the calendar in detail here discover.

3 thoughts on "Saab Calendar 2023 - delivery starts!"

  • In addition to great photos, the graphics and layout also catch my eye...
    The small rounding of the image corners fits perfectly with the typography and the historic Saab icon. It's also nice that the color of both is individually based on the photos each month. Every page is really of one piece.

  • Please order via the shop, thank you :-)

  • Good day,
    could I please order another SAAB CALENDAR 2023? Shipping address:

    Karin Hauser-Schmieg
    c/o AUTO HS
    Stuttgarter Strasse 1
    75179 Pforzheim

    Telephone for inquiries: 07231 / 9105-50

    Kind regards
    Karin Hauser-Schmieg

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