Gift idea - Saab coffee-to-go mug plus subscription!

The Saab Coffee-to-go cups are almost sold out in our Aero X Club Shop. Inventory is minimal, but we would have a second source of supply for the fans. Skandix AG, a supporter of the SaabBlog project for years and a loyal supplier of Saab spare parts, has a special gift idea ready just before Christmas!

Saab Coffee-to-go mug and subscription - Christmas idea from Skandix
Saab Coffee-to-go mug and subscription - Christmas idea from Skandix

Saab coffee-to-go mug, choice of blue or grey, plus an annual subscription to the Aero X Club! That's 360 days of full access to all editorial content, shopping in the exclusive Club Shop and a cup of delicious coffee, even when you're on the go.

But the best thing is: Skandix offers the bundle of cup and subscription at a Christmas price!

After the campaign with the Saab Turbo cups last year, Skandix supports us again. The gift bundle with mug and subscription is available for only €95,00 in Skandix Online-Shop available. A saving of more than €20,00, which is only available for a limited time and at Christmas.

The code for 360 days of Aero X Club is included with the mug, as is a SaabBlog sticker. The offer is limited, because only 5 gray and 5 blue copies of the exclusive mugs are available. There will be no new edition in the well-known design, here is the last chance for every fan to buy a great gift.

5 thoughts on "Gift idea - Saab coffee-to-go mug plus subscription!"

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    It's great that SKANDIX and the Saabblog work together so closely and for so long. My favorite parts supplier who is very reliable and my favorite read!

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    Hello from Lower Saxony,

    When will you be able to extend the subscription?

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      Three days before the expiry date, you will receive a reminder by email plus a voucher code (subscription – 10%). Then you can extend, and even after the expiry we send a reminder with the appropriate voucher for regular readers.

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    Hi Tom,
    that's really interesting. Can this code also be used to extend the blog subscription when the time comes? Apart from the fact that I don't even know when mine is due for renewal 😉 But the cups are chic.

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      Skandix and we came up with this campaign to introduce Saab fans who don't have a subscription to the blog.

      Because if things are to continue as well in 2023, we need every single subscriber!

      Of course we are happy that you like the cups. We like them too 😉 . And of course you can use the code to extend a subscription. The code does not expire, it can be redeemed at any time.

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