Saab Club stand at the Essen Motor Show 2022

The Essen Motor Show 2022 opens its doors tomorrow. Saab is on site, the 1st German Saab Club ensures the presence. Yesterday, the club team started building the Saab booth, which this time is quite large at 90 square meters. It offers space for 4 vehicles, a visit to Essen is particularly worthwhile this year.

The pictures from the set-up evening in the hall show that the mix of vehicles is quite exciting. Classics and youngtimers stand side by side, the oldest vehicle is a 900 Turbo 8-valve in eye-catching pine green. The kayak on the roof makes it a special eye-catcher and emphasizes that Saab built vehicles for an active clientele. At least that's what the marketing lyrics in the old brochures say.

Saab 900 Turbo at the Essen Motor Show 2022
Saab 900 Turbo at the Essen Motor Show 2022

Saab youngtimers and classics in Essen

The first Saab 9000 generation is one of the vehicles that are now increasingly attracting the attention of fans. Long overshadowed by the popularity of the CS models, they are now attracting noticeably more attention. The 9000 CC presented by the club in Essen is cherry red. Like the 900 Turbo, it brings color to the trade fair.

The youngtimer fraction will be represented with a black Saab 9-3 OG Cabriolet and a 9-5 OG Aero in silver. The choice of colors represents the taste of the Saab new car buyers of these years. With large rims and eye-catching brake calipers, the 9-5 shows at first glance what is possible in the scene.

The selection of vehicles is anything but bland. There is something for almost every taste and the model range offers a lot to talk about about the cult brand Saab.

The Essen Motor Show starts tomorrow

The Essen Motor Show 2022 opens the doors tomorrow for the so-called preview day. the Visiting hours Weekends are from 9.00:18.00 a.m. to 10.00:2 p.m., weekdays the show opens at 2:27 a.m. Saab can be found in hall 11 at stand XNUMXDXNUMX. Up to and including December XNUMXth is an opportunity to visit, to talk to many interesting Saab and gasoline, and the 1. German Saab Club also welcomes new members.

Because it is possible to become a member directly at the fair. An argument for everyone who always wanted to become one, but haven't found the time to do so yet. The voluntary work around the brand needs support, today more than ever. Visiting Essen is a great opportunity to do something in this direction.

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    Thank you Saab Club No. 1! Glad to see you holding the flag high.
    Good luck.

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    Impressive effort! 🙂
    Class. Thanks to the enthusiasts!
    I wish you many visits and pleasant encounters...

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    900 and green (or black, dark blue, etc) ... and my heart starts racing .... 😉

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    Not bad. Are there any more pictures? I miss the announced convertible?

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      Some people live in abundance with what they have, and some live in poverty with what they (supposedly) lack. "not bad" (is 'bad' the basic one to assume? And credit that if it's 'not bad'?) and "miss the announced convertible?" (which can be guessed under the tarpaulin in the photos – if you look with abundance and joy)) I find the enthusiasm of the active people there like a small kick in the shin. 🙂

      I wish you a happy weekend and say thank you for the colorful mixture there at the stand!

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        The comment is bad though...

        I also saw the tarpaulin and considered a corresponding note/AW to Trollhättan47. But it would never have turned out like yours. It would have become a simple notice among readers.

        “Some people live (…).” ? ? ?

        And they know, based on a (rather harmless) two-liner, in which drawer they can, may and must put Trollhättan47 and how deep?

        That strikes me. Haven't read such an attack here for a long time and find it inappropriate and uncomfortable.

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          Might have had a bad day. Do we all have it?

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            Oh yes, that happens.

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          “Not bad” is a typical North German extrovert expression of appreciation for “really great”! 😉 Shouldn't be misunderstood!

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            Thanks for that. It is exactly like that.

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          Well, as someone who is involved in planning activities and organizations (that doesn't mean SAAB-related, but in general), a way of writing and commenting like that of Trollhättan47 actually strikes me, yes, because I have the necessary respect in it (there the existing photos are not looked at carefully enough to discover the missing convertible and they are asked for more) and the appreciation for the commitment of those who volunteer for something they are passionate about, miss. I find the entitlement that I read from the lines in the direction of the SAAB club and blog annoying. But maybe I read it more strongly than it is meant to be or is actually there – I admit that.

          I don't want to go with you, Herbert Hürsch, in the direction of the closet. As far as I'm concerned, the drawers stay closed 🙂 Let's meet at the door through which we go our respective directions in freedom, appreciation and loving recognition.
          Too much is missing from the simple written lines here for us to be able to sufficiently understand each other as we mean it.

          Love love greetings.

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        To understand:
        "Not bad" is a high praise for a Westphalian, similar to "Can't say anything against it"
        It would be difficult with "That's something different..." - because that means something like "That doesn't work at all!"
        In this respect: Hats off to the commitment and racing heart at its best!

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        Oh my comment wasn't meant to be derogatory. On the contrary, I found the selection of the Saab Club successful and much better than in previous years.

        If I hurt anyone's Saab feelings, I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention.

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          Thanks for the clarification. That should have calmed the excitement.

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