Nicholas Eve - we have fluffy, warm Saab hats for you!

It's St. Nicholas Eve and we've got some fluffy, warm Saab hats for you! The days are now getting noticeably colder, but we have taken precautions. Nobody should be cold, not outside in winter. Our Saab hats keep you warm in the cold season and they make a statement. Either hidden, subliminal or very obvious - as you prefer.

Today we launch the last promotion of 2022. There was a lot of exciting new things to discover in our Saab Aero X Club Shop. Now we start the final.

Saab hats - beanie and knit hat
Saab hats - beanie and knit hat

We have Saab hats for you!

The Saab caps are available in two versions in the shop from stock. We have a comfy, warm beanie for you. The beanie is dark blue with the embroidered classic Saab logo, it makes a clear statement for the incomparable cult brand from Sweden.

Saab beanie

A traditional knitted hat, also dark blue, features the embroidered aircraft logo. It is the silhouette of the Saab B18 that is a flying legend. A subtle nod to Saab's passion that only those familiar with the brand's history can interpret.


Both hats were embroidered in Europe, the knitted hat was even made in the EU, while the unfinished basic version of the beanie comes from Asia. Our efforts to have almost everything manufactured locally and sustainably also repeatedly come up against the limits of feasibility.

The two hats are in Go to Shop immediately available from stock. All orders received by December 16th will be shipped before Christmas. From December 19th, the Shop Team, who have given their all for the fans this year, will be on vacation. In January we will continue - with a new idea! And we remain loyal to the textile segment.

8 thoughts on "Nicholas Eve - we have fluffy, warm Saab hats for you!"

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    new wool? Polyamide? polyacrylic? Mohair? Cashmere? Thank you for a short info, so you know if the order can go out. It would be great if the composition was included in the shop. Thanks very much! 🙂

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      Polyacrylic, can also be found in the properties.

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        Oh, thanks, I haven't found it there yet, sorry!

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    Another great idea. The paradise for Saab fans. Thanks!

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    Great class, thanks, must be ordered immediately! 🙂 What material are the nice hat and that or that nice “beanie” made of (oh, how I love these Anglicisms, and I’ve actually never heard of them before, but you never stop learning...)

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    Hats, to rucksacks, my Achilles' heel,...I have to be very strong there :-0

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      ..., oh, with this super offer, exceptions are definitely possible... 😉

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        Nice action...

        I especially like the beanie. The Strick is really an insider. I wouldn't have dared to do that. Faced with the choice of whether to place the B18 or the font, I would have chosen the old word mark...

        It is typographically beautiful and insider enough, I think. When I told a former fellow student about 20 years ago that I was now driving a Saab and would probably finally fulfill all the clichés of our guild, she looked at me blankly and wanted to know what a Saab was ...

        That speaks volumes and I found my need to explain how a car brand that she didn't even know should be connected to her job and environment in a clichéd way very embarrassing. I couldn't convince her either. In fact, nobody in her agency drove a Saab, and the boss drove a Mercedes. That's how it works and Saab wasn't even insolvent ...

        B18 without lettering? It's charming too. But rather show the flag and spell Saab than go into the snail shell and into the comfort zone of insiders among themselves ...

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