Saab Club at the Essen Motor Show 2022 - interim report

The first days of the Essen Motor Show are behind the team of the 1st German Saab Club. Interest and crowds are particularly high at the weekend. The number of visitors is said to have pleased the organizers SIHA. After the long phase of restrictions due to Corona measures, visitors are finally pouring in again. They deliver a clear statement of the continuing great enthusiasm for classic vehicles.

Today we try to clarify the rims question. Because a number of readers wanted to know whether the alloy wheels of the 9000 CC come from Saab - or not. And some also find the rims of the classic 900 Turbo interesting.

Saab Club Stand Essen Motor Show 2022
Saab Club Stand Essen Motor Show 2022

ATEV rims from Tuner Schuessler

The big "S" on the aluminum rims of the Saab 900 Turbo, as may be clear, does not stand for Saab. The rare 16″ rims from ATEV (today AZEV) are offered around 40 years ago by the German Saab tuner Schüssler. At that time they were mostly driven on classic 900, later sometimes on the Saab 9000.

The tires of the 9000 CC are carried by 15″ Diamond Spoke rims. The rim with cap comes from Saab, similar rim designs can also be found at BMW and other manufacturers at this time. Quite popular with tuners in the colorful 1980s was the 2-tone.

However, I only know Saab's rims (so far) in a single-color, silver version and our archive is also silent on the question of whether the bi-color finish corresponds to the original.

Crowd favorite 900 Turbo

As expected, the crowd favorite on the first weekend of the fair is the pine-green Saab 900 Turbo. With the kayak on the roof, it is particularly eye-catching and a magnet for all fans. In terms of interest, the Saab 9-5 Aero ranks just behind.

Surprised? High-performance vehicles around the turn of the millennium are in demand, the 19″ tires suit the upcoming classic well. The search for good specimens seems to be in full swing, says Jens Birkholz from the team at the 1st German Saab Club.

Of course, the team makes every effort to inspire visitors with an original Swedish car experience. Last Sunday there were cinnamon rolls on the stand for the guests, of course very Swedish. More Sweden and Saab in Essen is hardly possible.

The Saab Club booth can be found in hall 2 at booth 2D27. Up to and including December 11th is an opportunity to visit, to talk to many interesting Saab and gasoline, and the 1. German Saab Club looks forward to the guests.

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  • It is excellent that with a lot of voluntary work, team spirit and great exhibition Saabs, the stand has a life and that the public is interested in the Saab brand.
    We actively have to support all such events, take part in them and thus give Saab a place as a special car brand today. And rightly so.

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