Saab Christmas gifts and Saab calendar 2023

Our Saab calendar 2023 was already sold out, but at our request the printer started production again shortly before Christmas and added more. The calendars are available again on a small scale for the last time. Among other nice Saab things that could also look good under the Christmas tree.

For the coming year - and possible new calendar projects - we have learned. It is certain that we will start with a much higher circulation right from the start.

Saab Christmas gifts

Saab Christmas gifts

In addition to the Saab calendar 2023 there are still a handful of exclusive Saab blankets, warm beanies and wool hats, various Saab mugs, model cars and many other things in the Shop to discover.

We will ship all orders placed (and paid for) by Wednesday 21st December - 12:00pm CET with the DHL can arrive within Germany before Christmas. Nevertheless, it would be advisable not to wait until the last minute to spontaneously buy Saab Christmas presents.

From Christmas the shop team, who have done a lot for the fans this year, will be on vacation. After January 9th, 2023 we will ship again, at the same time we will start with new, Saab ideas. The Saab Aero X Shop has been a lot of fun for us this year, so why stop? And the prototypes for January and February that are lying on my desk are awesome and definitely put you in a good mood!

The journey continues, 2023! Then for the first time also for our readers in North America, to whom we will also supply from January by popular request.

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