Are old cars (Saab) really embarrassing?

I've been driving old cars for what feels like forever. It started with one MGB Roadster from 1971. It continued with Swedish cars, all of which were from Saab. What was just an addition to my private fleet at the beginning became a philosophy over time.

Two things are to blame for this. The initial spark came with the refusal of the Swedes to continue to delight the world with new Saabs. The trend was reinforced by the boredom that the auto industry has served us up in recent years. What did the producers offer? A small SUV, a large SUV, a medium-sized one. As a masterpiece, one with just two doors. The SUV coupe is called and wants to be frenetically celebrated. Because it should be bold and groundbreaking.

That's too little and too bland for me.

Saab 9000 - an automotive classic
Saab 9000 - an automotive classic

Yes, I want to


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