Are Saab meetings in Spain different than in Germany?

It all started at the IntSaab 2022. I was hoping to make contact with some Portuguese Saab enthusiasts there. Sure, if so from Saab then preferably anywhere in the world. think! That was the mild paraphrase of - no one from Portugal was in Luxembourg. (Are you from Portugal and know Saab clubs or meetings? Please message me) 😉

Instead, initial contacts were made with Spain. Promise - if I'm in the area, I'll be happy to take part in a Saab meeting.

Saab, just before Guadalupe
Saab 900, just before Guadalupe

Only two months later on October 03.10.2022rd, XNUMX the time had come. A short message to the Saab Club Spainwhether there will be a SAAB meeting in the next few days. And what a coincidence, only 3 weeks later an autumn meeting in Trujillo was announced.

So briefly confirmed the participation and used the meantime to prepare another Saab statement.

Saab Shirt - loosely translated: Are you a SAAB crazy person or do you just drive a car?
Saab shirt - loosely translated: Are you a SAAB crazy or do you just drive a car?

On October 21.10.2022, 400, it was about XNUMX km in rainy weather Trujillo. Since we were only able to leave late due to personal appointments, all the Spaniards were already in the restaurant.

But the saying came true that if you come too late, you park right in front of the location 😉 which was only an advantage given the heavy rain that evening.

In the restaurant we were then received very openly, because it doesn't happen that often that a German travels to Spain to a Saab meeting at short notice. Two hours and many pleasant conversations later, we had the impression that we had always been there.

Plaza Mayor in Trujillo
Plaza Mayor in Trujillo

The next morning, in bright sunshine, 17 Saabs rolled into the Plaza Mayor in Trujillo. Except for a 9-3X in beautiful red, it was only 900s and 9-3s. After many greetings and nice conversations we went on the road to Guadalupe.

Overcast - on the way to Guadalupe
Overcast – on the way to Guadalupe

There were a few clouds, but the weather gods had an understanding. The rain from the previous day stayed away.

On the Plaza Mayor in Berzocana there were already 21 Saabs, which must have multiplied somehow on the way. We treated ourselves to a small snack in bright sunshine.

Plaza Mayor in Berzocana
Plaza Mayor in Berzocana

From Berzocana we then went on to Guadalupe, where part of the group got involved in a city tour and another part with a glass of wine and a good cheese Cured just had pleasant conversations.

Caceres in Extremadura
Caceres in Extremadura

After lunch together, we went back to Trujillo, although some of the group had already said goodbye because they had to go back to Madrid or Barcelona.

Plaza in Guadalupe
Plaza in Guadalupe

And yes, there it was again, the rain. For being gone all day, he came all the harder now.

In some places the road was no longer visible and water skiing was probably even possible. In the evening there was a dinner together and the promise. It was the first Saab meeting in Spain, but definitely not the last.

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  • Fue un placer Tom ayudaros a venir y participar plenamente en esta national concentration de otoño del Club SAAB España.

    Me alegro mucho que lo pasarais muy bien y que tengais ganas de repetir. Este 2.023 are the organizaremos importantes events in Torno a SAAB.

    Muchas por assistance y por tus afectuosas palabras. Nos veremos pronto.

    A hug:

    Marco Fernandez

  • Ah, how wonderful! Thanks for the great review! It definitely makes you want to drive down the Saab on winding roads to the south, preferably right now! The warmth, the beautiful landscape and great architecture, the tranquil towns, just wonderful, almost as beautiful as the Saabs ... 😉

    • PS: Was Lizi there too? 🙂

      • Cool text...I'm looking forward to my freedom in 3 months..Saab meetings are not the worst goals...

      • Nein, leider nicht.

        • You will meet in 2023. I'm pretty sure of that 😉

      • Dear Ebasli. Lizi wasn't there. But things are happening in relation to a possible meeting in the south with participation from the north. The New Year will be very exciting. The invitation will be sent out in good time by post.

        Saabige greetings

        The Lizi

        • Dear Lizi,
          that would be nice! Would be very happy! By the way, for a few days now we've had the completely new idea or the quirk of maybe, if feasible, buying an apartment in southern Spain in the next few years to spend the winter there when you don't have to work so much anymore. Somehow we had always thought of a retreat on our favorite island of La Palma. But of course the Spanish mainland also has many advantages that outweigh the somewhat cooler climate compared to the Canary Islands. Among other things, the idea of ​​​​being able to drive there by car (Saab !!). 🙂 And the cheap E85 makes the long route through France even more interesting (besides the beauty of the landscape etc.). Therefore my question: Is there E85 actually in Spain? (I'm afraid not.)
          Merry Christmas, dear Lizi, and warm greetings at 6 degrees and drizzle!

          • Dear Ebasli. Unfortunately, the fears are reality. No sign of E85 in Spain. But the fuel price here puts it into perspective a little. At the moment about 1,50 still less 20 cents considerable discount. The strictly monitored speed limit, which has been mentioned several times, also has its good points: my 8,3-9 NG Aero consumes 3 liters on average.

            Happy days wishes

            The Lizi

            • Thanks! 🙂 And all the best for a healthy, happy "saab" year 2023!

  • That's the really nice thing about Saab meetings, you come somewhere for the first time, you're accepted and after a short time you have the feeling that you know each other, you understand each other.

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