The new Citroën ë-C4 X can now also be ordered in Germany

If there is something to complain about in the new Citroën ë-C4 X, then there are two things. There's the hatchback, which unfortunately only raises hopes of a big tailgate, but fails to deliver. And then there's the fact that Citroën doesn't give customers the choice of whether they want to drive purely electrically or with a combustion engine.

The ë-C4 X is only available in Germany purely electrically, in one performance level. The brand with the double angle offers a lot of equipment in series. Is that enough to inspire customers enough?

New Citroën ë-C4 X - available to order now
New Citroën ë-C4 X – available to order now

The new ë-C4 X from Citroën

In France, where the visually attractive C4 X is also available without ë and with a combustion engine, prices for the electric version start at €39.950,00. The ë-C4 X is priced somewhat cheaper in Germany. The price list for the “Feel” equipment level reports €37.450,00 before deducting the electric car premium. There is always a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 100 KW electric motor with front-wheel drive, even with the better equipment.

Citroën promises consumption between 15 and 15,3 kWh per 100 kilometers, limits the top speed to 150 km/h and wants to achieve a possible range of 353 to 360 kilometers.

The data show where Stellantis places Citroën in the group structure. The only avant-garde is played by the entry-level brand in the group. Because the new DS 3 E Tense, launched as a Citroën Nobel spin-off, comes with a larger battery, more power and greater efficiency. So why grab the ë-C4 X?

Amenities and Advanced Comfort

In addition to the successful design, with a gentle touch of Parisian avant-garde, it is the equipment that can please. Typical for the brand, it is already rich in the basic “feel”. Everything you need is there for the entry-level price of €37.540,00, while the “Shine” and “Shine Pack” levels already offer a touch of luxury.

If you pack all the equipment that the price list gives you, you clearly exceed 40.000,00, but remain far below what the classy DS 3 E-Tense would cost. Configurator and Price list are online, one should not forget the incomparable Advanced Comfort suspension and seats with a possible decision for the ë-C4 X. They are only available from Citroën, and they are recommended for everyday use. In fact, these features are a homage to the hydropneumatic times, even if they don't live up to the historical model.

The missing tailgate

The 16 storage compartments in the interior and the trunk with a volume of more than 500 liters could also play a role if you want to put the ë-C4 X on your wish list. However, it does not fully compensate for the lack of a large tailgate.

Their absence is surprising, because Citroën actually wants to score with cars with high utility value at affordable prices. Perhaps the brand strategists in France will have understanding at some point and take the history of Citroën GS and GSA as a rolemodel.

Started with a hatchback with a trunk, the GS made customers happy with a tailgate after the transformation into the GSA. A Gallic multi-tool, with comfort, utility and avant-garde was born. What worked once could also happen in the future.

The electric C4 X will be delivered from the first quarter of 2023.

With media material from Citroën Communication

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  • blank

    I met such a vehicle last week. If the front were different and it wasn't so high-legged...but I'm not the benchmark anyway, I'm no longer Citroën's target group. Too bad. I liked the C5. The C6 was whimsical, but... had something. But strictly speaking: in the time before 2008 Citroën would not have won me as a customer either...

  • blank

    I prefer to keep dreaming of a neat Citroën XM, first hand. With hydropneumatics and a neatly made tailgate with two (!) panes. That was just a Citroën, they should copy that today.

    The ë-C4 X is nice. But, when playing with the configurator, not enough individual for the money. Fortunately, there are still well-kept used Citroens.

    • blank

      After all, as a Citroënist you have a choice.
      I get the idea and I like the XM. She is truly a genuine old-school Citroën...

      As a Volvaab driver, I can no longer consciously decide against a new car at Saab.
      And Volvo?
      They have been Chinese since 2010 and Geely has been closely associated with the CCP. I lost both my favorite car brands almost at the same time to the course of events and Sweden lost its entire automotive industry to bankruptcy or to strange and questionable owners. There is no chance or desire to play with a configurator. You become a nostalgic against your will...

  • blank

    A hatchback without a tailgate, that missed it by a hair's breadth. It's a shame, because I like the concept and the design is appetizing. C4 could have been an alternative, but it isn't.

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