A special Saab (blog) year - thanks for 2022!

2022 was an extraordinary year. In general, it should have been one for very few people that will be remembered as particularly good. We were tormented by too many crises, sometimes marginally, but also very directly. In fact, the SaabBlog project is a platform that is primarily there for old Swedish cars and car culture. The project has hardly anything to do with politics and everyday life. One can speak of an automotive biosphere reserve that has survived the years.

It cannot be taken for granted that the reserve is doing well. After almost 12 years, you could finally let it be and we could let the Saab brand move to Nordic Valhalla. But we won't do that! Saab Automobile will continue to exist in the media in 2023. As usual, we will tell almost every day. The reason for this is the year 2022.

Saab 2022

A special SaabBlog year

It's unusual for media projects from a brand that no longer exists by definition to survive for so long. But this is Saab, and things have always been different there. But what made 2022 a special SaabBlog year were many different factors.

There were many more readers than in previous years who got involved. Sometimes as authors, as quiet, friendly helpers behind the scenes, or with good tips when I might have overlooked something. Some of them have been there for years. Others are new to the scene, but all have helped keep Saab alive.

Then the SaabBlog became more international. The Saab hype in the USA leaves some traces even in our statistics. Significantly more readers from North America than in previous years, and with it new challenges for us. Some are solvable, but others are not.

There will be no daily English newsletter, which is always in demand. We can't do that in terms of personnel. A shipment of Aero X Club Stores to North America, however, we offer from mid-January. Then fans can shop from across the Atlantic, just like EU citizens and Swiss can.

More readers from North America

The increasing number of readers in 2022 was also accompanied by a growing number of subscribers. A strong, gratifying plus of more than 20% compared to the previous year, that is the applause we wished for. The subscribers financially secure the Saab project for 2023. We use the financial scope to make the blog even better. In January, we're introducing a new commenting system that will allow for significantly more interaction.

Readers can then communicate with each other privately and securely. Something we consider important. The blog project as a platform for mutual exchange, it is hosted in Germany. His data is only stored on our server, it is private and will remain so.

Something that 2022 painfully taught us is to pay attention to independence and digital freedom. This is (unfortunately) no longer a matter of course in the digital world. She is more vulnerable than ever to whims and unpredictability.

What have we planned for 2023?

There are things we can do and things we should do. In 2023 we will place a stronger focus on spare parts. We're getting a little closer to that Skandix approach and strengthen cooperation with Saab Service Frankfurt. Specifically, there should be more reporting on spare parts for Saab classics, with a check in the workshop and, if necessary, instructions on installation.

The first package from Skandix, with new products, is already in stock. We start in January.

Of course we stick to the tried and tested. A creative campaign every month Aero X Club Store with special ideas that have a certain affinity with Saab, that was good in 2022 and will remain so in 2023. We have been working on it as a team for weeks and with a lot of Saab Spirit.

In order to give Saab automobiles an even greater presence in social media, we will launch a winter photo campaign in January. There is something very attractive to be won here, but the promotion will be different than in previous years and it will be broader.

But there are also things where things haven't gone quite so smoothly so far. The trip to Trollhättan, planned for spring, is not yet dry. The concept is still not what it should be. It's a sand in the gears, so to speak, we need longer to prepare. The spring of 2023 will probably be the autumn, the start-up difficulties (still) predominate.

I also miss the project car for 2023. We had that last year Gentleman, at the moment we have – nothing. Which isn't because the ideas didn't exist. There is a lack of space, and a Saab here has to go in the spring. Otherwise projects will never go any further, and we would be missing something.

I say thanks! Without the readers, without the paying subscribers and their applause, the project would no longer exist. It's not just the legendary Saab Spirit, which cannot be precisely defined, that realizes this blog.

It is the unusual people behind it who read, comment and contribute.

– Thank you for 2022 –

19 thoughts on "A special Saab (blog) year - thanks for 2022!"

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    Happy 2023 to all of you!

    I think the idea of ​​a comment system with more interaction is very good.
    I think it's great that the focus is more on spare parts. Perhaps an extra section «Spare parts» could be added to the top bar. But you will already have your ideas about it.

    Keep it up, I look forward to the SAABBLOG mail every day...


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    The crazy times we live in need constants and reservations. That's why it's so important that these sites exist. Also thanks for 2022 from me too!

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    I agree with all the commentators! Thank you for 2022 and I look forward to 2023 with the blog team and the Saab community!

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    Many thanks to Tom and the (greater) team of the SAABblog :-).
    20% increase in blog supporters, a very clear vote for the makers, just great!
    Incentive for 2023!
    I'm really looking forward to the SAAB reading and the corresponding espresso ;-).
    Happy New Year to all blog creators and readers and a healthy, peaceful new SAAB year!

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    I got my first Saab by accident 3 years ago, bought it spontaneously and unseen over the phone. The price was hot. Should offer me a convertible feeling for a few weeks or months and then softly give way to another car, another brand. Again only for a few weeks or months. Didn't expect Saab to be so much fun and that there are still so many Saab-affine people who live and pass on the Saab spirit. The Saab brand may have perished, but the Saab attitude towards life still exists. And this great blog contributes a part to it, which keeps sharing new, interesting and unknown things from the Saab world with the readers. So please keep it up.

    (By the way, in the meantime I've bought another Saab convertible, a much better one, with less than 80k kilometers. And I've joined the local Saab club and am now very actively involved in the scene. Driving a Saab just makes you happy).

    • blank

      It's just people like you, those who found Saab late (and probably after the bankruptcy?) And then all the more convinced, who encourage me to stick to Saab to an even greater extent than others ...

      Small talk with an old hand is always nice, but basically you subconsciously suspect each other of nostalgia and the search for confirmation on safer ground.

      It is the "late bloomers" and newcomers who can represent the enthusiasm for Saab most credibly - also the liveliness of the brand and the scene. Which is why I read your comment with great pleasure. Many Thanks.

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        Dear blog team, thank you for your commitment and the many great and exciting posts and activities. SAAB is alive and that is largely due to your spirit and work.

        Thanks for that. I'm looking forward to another Saab year.

        Happy New Year to all

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    Dear Blog Team,

    Thank you for your always entertaining, informative articles and reports.
    It's always amazing how you manage to captivate me!!

    Greetings and for the coming year 2023 I wish happiness, love and contentment

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    Life without a Saab blog is possible, but pointless
    Thank you Tom for the many great ideas and exciting contributions.
    Here's to something new in 2023

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    Thanks for the fun the blog has given me. Also the choice of topic, which changes and changes again and again. The blog is alive, you can feel it! To 2023!

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    Thanks Tom for the many interesting articles! The range has also increased (even French cars make it onto the blog 😉 ). I'm looking forward to a lot of interesting facts, the updates for our SAABe and I'm also hoping for some information about Evergrande and the Chinese market. Even if some readers don't like it, a lot of the future is being made there. Maybe there can also be reports about vehicles outside the mainstream, with smart (Saab) ideas, those who, like SAAB, do things differently. I'm thinking of Sonos, Aptera, xBus or Lightyear.
    Happy New Year to you all and have fun with your SAABs!

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We had Lightyear on the list before, we even had an appointment to present it. In the end, however, we decided against it, and I had doubts as to whether the theme and the brand fit the project. At Sono, I'm glad that we're no longer working on the subject. Too much drama, again and again, I'm probably just damaged Saab since 2011 😉

      XBUS, on the other hand, could become a (marginal) topic, there is a Saab workshop that has expanded its program with it. Let's see what 2023 brings in this respect.

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        I personally didn't miss anything there...

        All aspects of the future of the automobile – whether in China or elsewhere – are so closely linked to political decisions that it has become uninteresting to me, both technically and in terms of environmental policy.

        We have the status quo of being able to only talk about the sense and nonsense of battery capacity, weight and performance, and perhaps incidentally about the connectivity of the automobile and the autonomy of the vehicle. The discussion should actually start much earlier, in front of the car and with energy and efficiency ...

        The mere fact that we are moving in the direction of electrification with seven league boots in mobility and continue to heat our properties with fossil fuels, although it would be technically much easier and more environmentally friendly the other way around, speaks volumes.

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          It's true that a lot of things are comical or questionable. But I can't say how to do it right and I don't think the right way will be found without public discussion. If you see when the prototypes with e-drive at SAAB already had a range of 300-400km and that the industry has managed to push away the topic of e-then that is an argument for specifications. Only E as a default is nonsense in my opinion.
          I think using millions of e-cars at the charging station as a large storage facility that stabilizes the network is rather good. The associated data octopus rather not. If I can use a Ford F-150 as a backup battery for my house, that's ok, but if you need a vehicle like a Ford F-150 in Europe for that reason, it's probably not ok...
          Only relying on SAAB turbo is also very retro, we are almost at Kaiser Wilhelm and the horse.
          In this sense, I hope that there will be a lively discussion to avoid going astray, ... and of course here for a lot of information to keep our SAABe running!

          • blank

            Well said. I see it similar. There are some interesting approaches there. For example, the car as storage for the house, as you rightly say...

            But what is the chicken or the egg in this debate under politically set signs and points, where is the horse's bridle still in the back or still in front?

            For me, prioritizing mobility puts the reins on the horse per se because it would be much easier to decarbonize immobile and stationary, industrially and privately. Assuming a stable and green power grid, one could do without private or commercial storage systems, which are as controversial as a Ford F150.

            Be that as it may, the subject is too vast and complex to cover here in one comment. Maybe a symptomatic example or two?

            1.) In DK, the liquid manure is decarbonised into biogas before it is returned to the fields as fertiliser. That means a third of all Danish gas comes free from waste. Instead, we import and our fields emit unused methane and CO2 from our liquid manure, which on balance (emissions instead of savings) has to be booked twice as negatively.

            2.) Me and a friend built a house 8 years ago and 2 years ago respectively. Both wooden houses, very Scandinavian and insulated to the point that is no longer possible. Nevertheless, both houses have a gas boiler and very complex heating installations. Why at all?
            You could have simply hooked up an electric radiator to the socket in every room and saved five figures in construction, installation and development costs (no more gas for the property).

            We had funding programs for EVs at least 2 years ago. Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe it's just the wrong order?

            I am convinced that the environment would be happy if we first electrified everything that does not require storage or rare earths (the name says it all). That's what was meant. I still think your thoughts are good and correct...

          • blank

            Oh, by the way, not one negative thumb on your comments is ever from me. I'm not writing this to give that thumb more weight...

            But on the contrary. I totally disapprove of negative thumbs. If I found them worthwhile at all, I don't know why, how and why you deserve one?

            If I could wish for something from the blog for 2023 and it wasn't technically too complex, it would be the deletion of negative thumbs without replacement.

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    Thanks also to you Tom and your team! It's wonderful that legends are allowed to live on!

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      Nice picture of the convertible in yellow.
      Very nicely written Tom. I, too, would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you and praise for your commitment and that of the team. Where else is this? I think the blogs of "active" car brands are not as interesting and diverse as ours.
      All the best to you and all blog and Saab friends for the new year.
      We take care of the existing cars.


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