Invitation to the Saab New Year Kale Dinner

The year has just begun and we can already call the first Saab date for 2023. The Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg regulars’ table starts with full turbo élan and invites you to the New Year’s kale meal. Saab of all series and years of construction are welcome and southerners are of course invited.

New Year Kale Meal

???????? 07. 01.2023

Saab regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg

On Saturday, January 07.01.23th, XNUMX, the Saab regulars’ table Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg meets for the New Year’s green cabbage meal:

Meeting point: 07.01. 19.00 p.m

Country house Horstmuehle
Horstmuehle 3
25358 Horst

Alternatively, it can also be eaten à la carte.

We look forward to a nice start in the new year and wish all Saabisti a great new year 2023 and always have a safe trip with the Saab!



Registration required.

Mail contact:

???????? 03. 06. 2023

7. Saab Saturday

1. German Saab Club

The 7th Saab Saturday of the 1st German Saab Club will take place from 11.00 a.m. in the Agricultural Machinery Museum Riesenbeck instead.

Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum
In Vogelsang 77
48477 Hörstel-Riesenbeck

There will of course be enough food and drinks in warm and cold form.
We are happy to help if hotel rooms are required.
We still do not charge admission to the meeting.
Parts and accessories may be sold on site.
Access to the event with the Corona measures valid on that day!

All Saab dates are published without guarantee from our side. We are not liable for postponements, cancellations or incorrectly transmitted appointments.

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