Saab Ice & Snow 2023 - the Saab winter photo

Saab, the brand from the land of ice and snow. Winter is, so to speak, the natural environment of every Saab, and with the new year we start our "Saab Ice & Snow 2023" winter photo campaign. It works differently than in previous years. We slightly modified the rules.

There are great prizes to be won as a motivational boost. We opened the treasure chest and brought out Saab literature that you simply must have. Together with Saab mugs and stickers from our shop, we have packed three attractive packages. You can win it – for just one winter photo. Isn't it going very relaxed – our start into the new year?

Saab Ice & Snow 2023
Saab Ice & Snow 2023

The idea is to infiltrate the world with a little more Saab. A pinch more Swedish cult brand in the social media, that can only be a good thing. Or? Beyond electric cars and uniform SUV fashion, there must be something else. We want to show that, and for that we need many, many great Saab winter photos!

And that's up for grabs!

We packed three packages with Saab literature. The books are of course antiquarian and have not been available again for ages. But the condition is good and they are a must for every fan of the Saab brand.

Our prizes for the photo competition
Our prizes for the photo competition

1st prize – Saab Ice & Snow 2023

Saab 900 - A Swedish Story - by Anders Tunberg. German edition 1993.

Aero X Club cup + various Saab stickers

2st prize – Saab Ice & Snow 2023

Made in Trollhättan - Saab brand book - German edition 2001

Aero X Club cup + various Saab stickers

3st prize – Saab Ice & Snow 2023

Form & Function - How we build cars at Saab - German edition 1995

Aero X Club cup + various Saab stickers

Who can participate?

Anyone with a valid SaabBlog subscription is invited to submit their Saab winter photo. No matter where recorded and regardless of which Saab model it is. All Saab are welcome.

The sender assures that they are the owner of the photo, that they have not yet published it on social media, and that they grant us the rights of use indefinitely and free of charge.

We share the Saab winter pictures on social media on Instagram. The most likes on the respective social channels count towards the rating. The picture with the most likes won.

The photo campaign starts today, the deadline for entries is February 15, 2023. The evaluation runs until February 28, midnight. Then the winners will be determined. Subscribers from all countries can take part, the campaign is not limited to Germany alone.

Here you can upload your Saab winter photo

We make it easy for you because we have set up an upload page so that you can easily upload your winter photo.

Proceed to the winter photo upload page.

5 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow 2023 - the Saab winter photo"

  • Very nice idea.
    When uploading the picture, I fail with the phone number. The format is not accepted

    • The field wanted a country code, we just changed that.

      Otherwise just leave it out, it is not a mandatory field. Email address is more important.

      • Then it should have worked.
        Have a nice new year.

        • has it Just saw it while looking through the pictures 😉

          Happy New Year to you too!

  • The main thing is that the snow comes back, otherwise I'll have to dig through the fund, hopefully winter 2022/2023 is not a requirement. ...and then I'll sign up for second place, I already have the other books 😉

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