Are you cold today? We have a Saab scarf for you!

Winter hasn't really started yet, the cold days are yet to come. Then you need fluffy Beanies, we worked through this topic in December. In order to always be wrapped up warm and stylish on the go, not catching a cold, a Saab scarf might be an additional great idea.

We have three different designs for you. The scarves are manufactured goods that are made in Germany just for us. They discreetly signal our sympathy for the Swedish cult brand.

Saab scarf in three different designs
Saab scarf in three different designs

Saab scarves in different designs

The question was which accessory would be particularly useful in winter, apart from the hats. Gloves played a role, but of course scarves too. We realized this in three different designs. The scarves, made from Italian yarn with a mixture of 50% wool and 50% acrylic fibers, are warm and comfortable to wear.

Design blue-grey - the classic that always fits.
Design blue-grey – the classic that always fits.

The silhouette of the B 18 aircraft from Saab serves as our motif. It is historic, adorned the Saab classics, but would have moved into the speedometer of the Saab 2012-9 NG with the 5 model year. From there, the B 18 would have spread further, into all new Saab models.

Saab scarf in olive beige - elegant and subtle
Saab scarf in olive beige - elegant and subtle

The Saab scarves are a tribute to the brand

This closes the circle between the first and last Saab models. The scarves are like a smart, textile homage to a pretty cool car brand.

Bold and fresh - Saab scarf mottled grey-orange
Bold and fresh - Saab scarf mottled grey-orange

It will be available in three designs in our shop:

  • Olive green with beige, to combine with almost any clothing.

  • Blue with black, the classic that can also be worn on both sides.

  • Mottled gray and orange, a little bolder, younger. But especially cool.

The Saab scarves are approx. 190 cm long and 40 cm wide. They were developed together with self-confessed scarf wearers (from the blog team) and tested during the December cold snap.

From Friday the scarves, ideal for the winter, can be bought in the Aero X Store be pre-ordered. You can pre-order for 10 days, then production will start at our local manufactory.

8 thoughts on "Are you cold today? We have a Saab scarf for you!"

  • And then there are 3 great colors again. Once again, you can't make up your mind. Are there bundles in the shop again?

  • PS: Are there actually photos of what the speedometers would have looked like with an airplane from 2012? And did the old Saabs have speedometers with an airplane logo (probably a stupid question, but unfortunately I don't know the old models 🙁 )

    • Is there. Here, a bit pixelated, this Model year 2012.

      And with old two-stroke engines and pictures we also serve. Here Saab 96 (by airplane) in Frankfurt.

      • Thanks!!! Oh, that would have been nice 🙂 …. would ;-(

  • Makes you happy! I tend towards a grey-orange, maybe I can hide my 70 years a bit 😉

    • Great, also very nicely bound, well and factually photographed ...

      The museum shop in Trollhättan is slowly but surely becoming jealous of the range. And the museum would have to gradually expand the shop in order to be able to offer everything that was available here. When will the cooperation with the Saabblog come?

  • Great idea... the hats with the B 18 silhouette are already cool (also for the 17 year old son who is a glider pilot)... the scarves will be loved as well, especially in a matching color to the Saab blankets... thanks!!

  • Great thing, thank you very much! 🙂 I will pre-order a blue model immediately. (I would also have liked something with bright red, e.g. red-blue as a subtle reminiscence of the Greif logo. But you can't make tons of variations at the same time.) I'm particularly pleased that, like the blanket, there's a wool component in it is. I had been thinking about the cap for a long time - it looks very good - but with pure acrylic caps you always look like a Martian with electrified hair after you take them off. That's why I unfortunately had to decide against it. I'm even more excited about the scarf, great!

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