Our Saab Scarf Edition 2023 can be pre-ordered!

As soon as the announcement of our Saab scarves was online, a good friend called me. He would like a scarf because he has been looking for it for a long time. But so far he has not found the right, individual design anywhere. I was pleased with the feedback, only the problem of the choice of color remained in the room.

Because in general all three designs are attractive, and we couldn't decide internally either. The reason why instead of the planned two variants, three are now starting.

Saab scarf with the B18 motif in blue/grey
Saab scarf with the B18 motif in blue-grey

My personal favorite – and soon to be in my closet – is the version with the B18 in orange. Anyone who has been reading here for a long time will probably have guessed it. In addition, there is probably the grey-blue scarf, which can be combined with everything. Because there is a fear that the decision will not be easy among the readers either, we have (at the request of the reader) put together a bundle.

Scarf design olive/beige
Scarf design olive/beige

Here you can combine and buy two scarves in the color of your choice. Of course, the bundle is a bit cheaper than the individual purchase, because we have less effort and packaging, which we of course pass on.

Saab scarf (grey mottled/orange)
Saab scarf (grey mottled/orange)

The Saab scarves are in until 15.01.23/XNUMX/XNUMX Aero X Club Store pre-order. Then we commission the production in our local manufactory, and the scarves will be shipped at the end of the month. As usual, the scarves are also a one-off promotion and exclusive as an edition. If you pre-order, you save a few € and don't run the risk of ending up without a fluffy scarf.

We are happy if you like the campaign. We had a lot of fun, the scarves were a whole new experience. For the first time we also ship regularly to North America, Canada, Taiwan and Japan. With this we are listening to the ever urgent requests of fans around the world who keep the memory of the Swedish cult brand alive and continue to live Saab.

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    Ordered! Great scarves, even my wife likes them (First time she likes wearing “Saab” stuff 😉 - I'm blown away)


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