Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 1)

The new year began with a Saab photo campaign. There are exciting prizes to be won, fun with our cars, cold winter photos and media presence. The first pictures have arrived and have been put on Instagram published.

The likes there count as a rating when it comes to the distribution of the podium places and the prizes. But perhaps the prices are even irrelevant. The joy of the photo and the Swedish cultural heritage is the real reason for being there.

Saab Ice & Snow 2023

The submission runs until February 15th for all subscribers via our upload page. We have all information about the prices, Saab literature, stickers and mugs here veröffentlicht.

Enjoy the gallery, which gives a (not complete) impression of the entries.

13 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 1)"

  • On the 9-3X, has the white border around the fog lights actually been painted?

    • Isn't that silver? (But it also looks white, at least in the small smartphone view.) The fog lights on the Eros have a silver border.

      • I think so too.

        Silver and gold cannot be displayed without a doubt on screen (RGB) and in print (CMYK), regardless of the resolution, although the color space and the tens of millions of possible colors should actually allow for it.

        In print, there is therefore actually the option of creating gold, silver or clear coat in addition to cyan, magenta, yellow or black (CMYK) in the print file. Impossible on screen. The color rendering is said to have long exceeded reception. That's nonsense. This is very clear in gold and silver. Reality and the eye are still the measure here. Digitization and screens are reaching the limits they are said to have long since burst ...

        But be that as it may, the fog lights are most likely matte and silver-edged.

    • The border also appears white in the high-resolution photo. Can be painted, wasn't like that in the series. Or is an optical illusion.

      • As the proud owner of the 9-3x, I'm happy to solve the puzzle 🙂
        The border is actually white. This is quite simply a white foil and was already done by the previous owner.

        • If you are the proud owner, you are also a good photographer...

          The angle, the focal length, no footprints from the car to the point of view. It can't all be coincidence...

          Conversely, of course, it doesn't have to be a profession. It's good anyway.

          • Thank you, but you overestimate me as a photographer.
            The goal was simply a nice ride in the snow with my new four-wheel drive Saab. The photo at the end was a spontaneous idea.
            And yes; I walked around the back of the car to avoid leaving any tracks in the snow.

  • The white 9-3X on white...

    ... is awesome. The picture would be suitable for advertising if the car could still be ordered today. A beautiful car very well and very wintry staged. Perfect.

  • Awesome, especially the historic Saab 99 photo. Masses of snow, that's how it used to be!

    • The picture scares me (snow shovel and paint).

    • PS You meant the 96, didn't you?

      • I think Mr Weber is right about that. Also according to the sender it is a 99 and what you can see is the chrome front mask of an early 99.

        • Thanks. I hadn't seen the caption...

          Hardly anything from the car anyway. Then we all mean the same picture. I just feel sorry for the car under the snow. A snow shovel at roof level?

          That's really a rough tool for the job. Poor paint!

          Maybe it's just posed and is supposed to show the amount of snow? But whatever the case, it looks menacing. I have never expected more from my car roof than my arms, gloves and a hand brush 😉

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