Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 2)

This week, Saab winter photos regularly arrived at our team. We post daily on Instagram, and the likes serve as a score. Because there are great prizes to be won! The reactions are sometimes amazing, it is difficult to predict which winter photo will be particularly well received.

This time we found pictures of winter on our upload page, as it used to be in Europe. With a lot of snow, which usually stayed for a long time. The photos are exciting, nostalgic, and of course they make us think. Because the long, intense winters are no more. Winter weather in Europe has become milder, and wetter too.

Saab 99 in the snow - like winter used to be. A photo of Gila.
Saab 99 in the snow - like winter used to be. A photo of Gila.

That's probably why the old winter pictures are so popular. Is it then that a Saab 99 plowing through the snow in contemporary orange, then this photo gets a particularly large number of likes. The 99 is not the current leader and everything is still open, but the love of the old days is remarkable.

The submission runs until February 15th for all subscribers via our upload page. We have all the information about the prices, Saab literature, stickers and cups here described.

We wish you a lot of fun with the gallery on Saturday, which gives a (not complete) impression of the last entries.


4 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 2)"

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    The orange was called "Indian Yellow" because otherwise it was probably too profane.

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      Fits yes to the Indian Summer, if still politically correct? ? ?
      Hopefully such colors will not be called “Indigenous Autumn” in the future...

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    Can you order the orange 99 together with the matching scarf in a bundle in the shop?

    That would be the perfect combination. For the other scarves, I can also think of great Saab in matching colors. For example a 93 or 96 in green or beige with a scarf in olive. Or …

    Maybe the next photo competition will be in colorful autumn 2023?
    Saab drivers - their selfies with scarf & car

    “Attention, pictures with car covers, hats, cups and/or high-visibility vests are also expressly permitted and encouraged. Be creative. Show us yourself and your car and how at least one product from the Saab blog is used in your free time or everyday life, subtle or striking, small or large, sharp or blurred in the foreground, background or focus. The design is completely free. We don't need product photos. The motto is just your enjoyment of life with your Saab and ideally one of our products has made a small contribution in that sense, which can be found in some way somewhere in the picture.”

    I immediately have 1.000 images of potential submissions in mind,

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      It would be attractive. I would also like the 99. I'll keep the penultimate paragraph in mind for the fall. He's just too good!

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