Sporty high-flyer from Gaul - Citroën BX Sport

Among the underrated and underappreciated vehicles from French avant-garde brand Citroën are the BX models. If you can remember them at all, you remember them with the cozy hydropneumatics as a sedan chair in front of a retirement home. However, this does the BX a bitter injustice.

Because she can also be different. It can do GTI, 16 valves, all-wheel drive, and it can do the Club 200 km/h plus. She can also do sports. The Citroën BX Sport is the secret jewel of the range. A sporty high-flyer from Gaul.

However, it must not be confused with the GTI or GT. The BX Sport is a special example, and that starts with its body. It has special extensions, spoilers and attachments. Which immediately nullify possible presumptions of cosiness and evoke the look of wild rally cars of those years.

Citroën BX Sport (1985)
Citroën BX Sport (1985)

The BX Sport isn't snug

This sets the Sport model apart from all others BX away. In the interior, the sports show continues. The BX borrows the sporty gear knob from the CX GTI Turbo, the well-equipped dashboard comes from the BX GT, the great sports seats and the three-spoke steering wheel round off the sporty black ambience.

Twin carburettor engine and sporty ambience
Twin carburettor engine and sporty ambience

Twin carburetors with 126 hp

The (Plastic) Bonnet is cut off at the front. Where it is completely covered in the well-behaved relatives, there is now an additional ventilation slot for cooling the drive. borrows the engine (XU9 4) the Sport BX differs from the GT. The double carburetor 1,9 liter four-cylinder delivers 126 hp. Danielson Engineering, the company that is also responsible for Citroën's works rally vehicles, machined the cylinder head, intake valves and pistons and modified the valve timing.

The sporty graded 5-speed gearbox and the clutch are also taken from the Citroën BX GT model. Equipped in this way, the BX Sport sprints to 8,9 km/h in 100 seconds and has a top speed of 195 km/h. That was an absolutely good value for the time. A CX GTI, which is considered sporty without discussion, stops its propulsion at a speed of 185.

The sporty package, paired with the incomparable hydropneumatics, results in a particularly sophisticated delicacy. One that attracts attention and that can also keep its sporting promise.

Although the BX becomes a million-dollar success for Citroën, and thus perhaps even ensures the continued existence of the brand, BX have become invisible today. Seeing a BX Sport in particular seems impossible. Now a copy was at Aguttes auctioned.

Spoilers and sporty add-on parts make the difference visually
Spoilers and sporty add-on parts make the difference visually

A special BX Sport

The 1985 BX Sport has only had two owners. The second, since 2017, is said to be a true Citroën fan and collector. The odometer shows just 40.000 kilometers and in its home country of France, the BX is well known due to its repeated presence in specialist magazines. So there is a good chance of getting a good price at the auction.

When asked what the BX could be worth, Aguttes answered between €15 and €20.000. A price that seems realistic, because used BX Sport with a higher mileage cost around €10.000. But the auctioneers are wrong, the BX skips the highest mark and ends up being sold for €22.700.

With images by Aguttes

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    A piece of history, but still reasonably priced. Measured against the many BX that were once on the road here, almost nothing is left. It is all the more important that fans save the last copies!

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    8,9 km/h for 100 seconds longer inte jättesportigt XD

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