Tire test - how good is the Fulda Kristall Control HP2?

When it comes to automotive classics like a Saab 9000, the usual tire tests are not necessarily 100% conclusive. Older cars are inherently louder. They usually have relatively simple, but still good and honest undercarriages that no computer can optimize in milliseconds. In short, the test criteria differ in parts.

Since the 9000 is driving through the winter this year, I used Fulda winter tires on the recommendation of the Saab workshop in Frankfurt-Fechenheim. They met the criteria of being inexpensive but also good. This time I deliberately did without premium tires from Michelin, which are otherwise popular. A good decision? Readers may remember a test that was the subject of winter 2017. A self-experiment cheap tires by kumho. The result was catastrophic, even if we are currently from summer tires from the same manufacturer are enthusiastic.

Will it run better with the Fulda tires? In any case, the first few kilometers are quite interesting.

Wet, heavy rain - Saab 9000 with Fulda winter tires on the road
Wet, heavy rain - Saab 9000 with Fulda winter tires on the road

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