Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 3)

It is cold outside in large parts of the country, there is frost and there is snow. The optimal conditions to take the perfect Saab winter photo. So what are you waiting for, the snow doesn't lie forever, and at some point even the best photo campaign comes to an end.

Winter photos came to our table again this week. The submissions were a bit more restrained than in the week before, there is still some room for improvement. After all, from the classic Saab(s) to the 9-5 NG, the generations were photographically united, and there were also creative shots. We are not entirely dissatisfied with the readers.

Saab Ice & Snow winter photo

There's something extra!

Maybe we can provide a little boost of motivation. We are currently working on a new sticker series that will be pretty awesome. It has something to do with airplanes, Sweden and Trollhättan. We'll add them exclusively to the promised prices. Our winners of the photo campaign will be the first to receive them.

The submission of the Saab Ice & Snow campaign runs until February 15th for all subscribers via our upload page. We have all the information about the prices, Saab literature, stickers and cups here described.

We wish you a lot of fun with the gallery on Saturday, which gives a (not complete) impression of the last entries.

2 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 3)"

  • I sing, I pray, I call, I hope... but Mother Holle doesn't hear me. I'm going to buy a snow machine now and not another Saab, that's as far as I've gotten.

  • There are some great submissions here too!

    The monochrome image of the 9-5 NG or the 9-3 across the forest path are also suitable for calendars again ...

    In addition there are details (9-3 with deer) and historic vehicles, such as the red one with typical Nordic additional headlights. A (unfortunately deceased and) good friend always called her moose vaporizer. I have never read it anywhere and never heard it from anyone else. Is that still old hat or is the moose vaporizer actually his own creation?

    But I digress and get sentimental...

    Great pictures! Speaking of calendar suitability, every year has four quarters and four seasons. Even in the far north. Personally, I think the winter is already well stocked and from my reader's perspective I had a lot of fun with the submissions shared with us here. And I didn't contribute to it myself, partly because of the lack of frost and snow. So thank you to every single sender. It's great cinema and pleasure for me what you and the blog are doing there. It's really good. So thank you.

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