Those days when we almost despair of the Saab design

What have we done in the last few days, from Saab's point of view, special? The blog office turned into a design studio for a while. Activities, for spring and summer, cast their shadows ahead. We work our way through the convertibles and are busy with the digitization and elaboration of the special design features.

We do this because we have the long Wishlist the Saab fans have in front of us. The cabriolet fraction in particular is a challenge for us, and roughly speaking there are three series that we have to take care of. The classic Saab 900, the 9-3 OG Cabriolet, which we also include the 900 NG for the sake of simplicity, and the 9-3 NG range.

When we are digitizing, working out details and distinctive features, then you start to see the convertibles with different eyes. Saab is not just Saab, and the design can sometimes make us despair. Let's take a stroll through the history of open-top Saab design. Let's talk about the time of its development, the circumstances and the people behind it.

We'll start with the godfather of the 900 and work our way to the other, perhaps unknown, fathers of Saab design.

Einar Hareide in the studio with designs for the Saab 9-5
Einar Hareide in the studio with designs for the Saab 9-5

Yes, I want to


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