Citroën CX Concorde Turbo - a plane for the road

There are brands that have built or are successfully building airplanes and cars. Saab did, Subaru still does. At Citroën, the traditional French brand, you may not be so sure. Did they or didn't they? It is known Citroën RE2, at least in fan circles. A helicopter, of which there was a rotary engine. Something could have come of it. But then economic reality threw the shaky dreams down from the sky.

Concretely for the road, Citroën realized a completely different project. The Citroën CX Concorde Turbo was a tribute to the supersonic aircraft and vehicle for Concorde pilots, Air France employees and enthusiasts of the brand.

Our story began in 1986. At that time the world was still enthusiastic about technology, so flying supersonic across the Atlantic was not characterized by concerns or shame about flying. The word didn't exist yet. What seemed technically feasible was realized. Without taking costs and subsequent profitability calculations into account.

In 1986 the Concorde celebrates 10 years of flight operations. Air France decided to honor the event. With a jet for the road. What could be more obvious than to choose the futuristic CX Turbo?

Citroën CX Concorde Turbo (1986)
Citroën CX Concorde Turbo (1986)

Citroën CX Concorde Turbo

Hardly any other vehicle of those years symbolized the idea of ​​fast flying as well as the CX, no other nationally produced vehicle was anywhere near as comfortable and extravagant as it. Peugeot? They only had the conservative 604 to offer. Renault? The R25 was good, but also uninteresting. Talbot with the Tagora? Inferior in every way.

So Air France went for the CX. Of course, only the powerful four-cylinder turbo engine with 168 hp, which delivered outstanding driving performance, came into question. The hydropneumatics, unmatched then as now, were standard on board. The design - of course - had to be adapted to the Concorde. The body was to be painted pearlescent white, in keeping with the fuselage of the supersonic plane.

The typical, futuristic CX cockpit. It corresponds to the series.
The typical, futuristic CX cockpit. It corresponds to the series.

As with the Concorde, red fabrics were used for the seats and side parts in the interior and the seat belts were also red, just like the prototype. Thick carpets and the full equipment with air conditioning were standard, on the rear a discreet sticker in the colors of the airline showed that no normal CX could be on the road here.

The CX mutated into a red supersonic dream for the street, you had to love that.

The red fabrics are specific to Concorde. The seats in the Concorde were also red.
The red fabrics are specific to Concorde. The seats in the Concorde were also red.

Paintwork problems

What was temptingly conceived did not go as smoothly as expected. Mother-of-pearl white was the fashionable paint at the time, only sporting super sports cars and luxury vehicles. As an exception to the rule, also two Kreidler mopeds, which is a different story, but should underline my competence in matters of mother-of-pearl-white. Incidentally, Saab offered the paintwork for a hefty surcharge of almost 2.000 DM for the 9000 CC Turbo, but now I digress for good.

Please go back to France.

In any case, Citroën had a problem with the paintwork, the system probably did not exist in the factory, because the paintwork consists of a particularly large number of layers that do not tolerate any defects. In fact, the challenge remained too complex, the development of the Concorde CX was delayed, and Air France lost interest in the project.

Sofa in red - as comfortable as in the Concorde. But not so fast.
Red sofa – as comfortable as in the Concorde. But not so fast.

The airline canceled, depending on the source, only 6 or 7 copies should have been completed. Three CX were delivered to Citroën dealers in France, the rest were driven by the manufacturer's employees, some of which are said to have been destroyed internally.

A much larger number was planned. Originally there were 200 Citroën CX Concorde Turbo, allegedly another 800 copies based on the cheaper CX 22 TRS would have been added after their production. The source situation is somewhat unclear, the number of pieces is not secured.

Maybe only 7 copies of the Concorde CX should have existed.
Maybe only 7 copies of the Concorde CX should have existed.

A Citroën CX Concorde Turbo for €170.000

If one assumes that, at best, a handful of specimens would have survived, then it is clear how rare the Concorde for the road is today.

Is it any wonder that a fully restored example is offered for sale for €170.000? A French Corporate, which keeps the spirit of the old brand alive with fine restorations. There is no need to discuss the price or the possible market value.

There is no market as such, the Citroën is too rare for that. You have the money ready, you want to buy the jet, and you just do it. Or forget the dream from the happy, future-affirming supersonic era again.

With images from Citro Collection

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    Yes, it had to be a cx. Unfortunately, the much fancier instruments (tocho and speed magnifier) ​​have already been said goodbye. Unfortunately, at Citroen it was often the case that initially innovative things were sacrificed to the long term. Examples are the instruments and door openers on the inside of the GS and, as already mentioned, the modifications on the CX.

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    What a high flyer! Unfortunately, Citroën is now set up very conventionally, the icons of the past no longer have any influence on the design and technology of today. I would really like a little more old spirit!

    • blank

      I've driven a Citroen since 1969. Started with a GS, later CX. Those were ingenious designs. Now I'm 88, so a C4 Picasso has to do it. But I would love to ride in a Concorde like this again.

  • blank

    Great article, thanks :-)!
    And what a brilliant PR coup... if it had "really" worked.
    So only the hope remains that there is at least 1 person who would like to treat themselves to this dream in mother-of-pearl white...
    The car is sporty, especially the price.

  • blank

    What a device. The fabrics alone – simply brilliant. Somehow Tom is right, times must have been more optimistic.

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    Deliciously written. And the car is delicious. And logically, for a special model Concorde only a Citroën came into question ...

    The front of the pointed nose of the Concorde is most similar, the claim to avant-garde exists and, above all, only these two hover, fly or drive towards the goal on an "air cushion". Of course it had to be a hydropneumatique! What else?
    Potholes and air holes can't feel more alike than countering them with hydropneumatique on the ground and supersonic in the air.

    Oh, what a pity that the topic was not raised more and only so few copies were realized. What a Citroën! ! !
    The perfect brand ambassador...

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    A dream!
    Incidentally very similar to my first 9000CC from 1987 in terms of interior and exterior colours. Even if life was more colorful back then, they were eye-catchers 😉

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