Download Saab History - Saab 9-5 (OG) Police Car

Our virtual archive is full of exciting Saab artifacts. A lot has accumulated over the years. Digital traces of Saab, confidential presentations, brochures and price lists never printed. The vehicles for the police and fire brigade could be interesting for collectors. These had a long tradition at Saab.

Here, too, we have digital brochures that we make available for download. After all, why should they remain invisible in the archive?

Saab special vehicles were built right at the factory in the early years. Not only for emergency services and police. The apron vehicles were also created in a separate department at Saab. Over the years these activities have been outsourced. The Saab Friction Testers were then supplied by Safegate AB (today SARSYS-ASFT) produced. Other special vehicles from ANA Specialbilar in Trollhättan.

Saab 9-5 police car
Saab 9-5 police car

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