Saab support convoy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A joint “Saab Support Convoy” will start in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the weekend. The traditional event is held to commemorate the worldwide convoys that Saab drivers used to show their brand. The demonstration attracted a lot of attention at the time, even if it did not change the fate of the brand.

Today, the exits are still an exclamation point that fans set for the cult brand. Saab is not forgotten, the brand has followers worldwide. Because legends are known to never die.

Saab support convoy Trollhättan 2012
Saab support convoy Trollhättan 2012

25. 01. 2023

Berlin Saab sit-in / regulars' table

Although it is winter and many vehicles are kept away from the adverse conditions, one or the other still has something drivable for this time. – Or screw something worth talking about.

With this in mind, we will meet on Wednesday, January 25, 01, in the park cafe at 19.00 p.m. at Fehrbelliner Platz 8, 10707 Berlin. A table is reserved.

Registration required for participation.


28. 01. 2023

SuG + SCS - SAAB Support Convoy 13th Anniversary

Organize on 28/01 Saunderground (SuG) from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Saab Club (SCS) the 13th Saab Support Convoy in memory of the numerous Saab support trips.

The Slovak group will meet at the castle at around 10 am Devin near Bratislava and from there drive north towards the Czech Republic. The path leads with a detour across Austria to the Gasthaus Celnice Restaurant. (Address: Celnice-středisko služeb 1214, Poštorná, 691 41 Břeclav), right on the Czech-Austrian border.

The Czech group will start from Brno/Brünn.

Interested Austrians can arrive at the Gasthaus Celnice at around 11:30 am. It is from the border crossing a few meters after the Czech-Austrian border.


Retro Classics 2023 Stuttgart

The Stuttgart-Alb section in the 1st German Saab Club presents the Swedish cult brand in Hall 7, Stand No. 7C71

Information and arrival: Retro Classics

03. 06. 2023

7. Saab Saturday

1. German Saab Club

The 7th Saab Saturday of the 1st German Saab Club will take place from 11.00 a.m. in the Agricultural Machinery Museum Riesenbeck instead.

Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum
In Vogelsang 77
48477 Hörstel-Riesenbeck

There will of course be enough food and drinks in warm and cold form.
We are happy to help if hotel rooms are required.
We still do not charge admission to the meeting.
Parts and accessories may be sold on site.
Access to the event with the Corona measures valid on that day!

All Saab dates are published without guarantee from our side. We are not liable for postponements, cancellations or incorrectly transmitted appointments.

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