A car collection is dissolved - what she says about life

When a car collection is liquidated, ancient investments come to light for some people. The passion for hunting and gathering, barely hidden under the cloak of civilization, gains the upper hand. It signals: you have to be there, because it's waiting (maybe) big booty. A car collection stimulates the imagination, it awakens our longing for automotive gold dust. Perhaps you will find a one-off, a pre-series vehicle, a rare body?

The wishful thinking is the theory that looks so incredibly good in our imagination. However, life never plays like that, reality is different. It's dustier, rustier - and sometimes just plain poorer.

But car collections tell something about life. You can learn from it, maybe you will draw the right conclusions. Rarely, really rarely, but even more happens. You find a pearl in the back corner and you really learn something for your life and the future. Let's go hunting for relics, let's rummage through dilapidated, dusty barns in search of the automotive treasures!

Saab 96 - Part of a car collection that is being liquidated
Saab 96 - Part of a car collection that is being liquidated

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