Vegan leather in cars - sustainability or greenwashing?

Vegan leathers are the current trend in the automotive industry. However, the name is misleading. Of course there is no vegan leather, just as there is no vegan schnitzel. Regarding the leather, we are talking about products that are free of animal origins. Car manufacturers who want to be trendy advertise aggressively with it.

Vegan leather and interiors with a high proportion of recycled materials promise a clear conscience for customers who are willing to pay for a supposedly better world. The question arises, however, what does the renunciation of traditional leather really do for the environment? Does this trend stand for superficial greenwashing, or does it have substance? The answer to that is difficult. Because the subject is complex. There are no universal answers, but many facets.

If you look back at the early days of the automobile, you will discover that leather was once frowned upon. Because the staff, the chauffeur and perhaps an accompanying servant sat on the robust, animal skins. In the meantime, the gentlemen in the rear made themselves comfortable on the finest cloth. Are those times coming back now?

No vegan leather - historic leather samples from Saab
No vegan leather - historic leather samples from Saab

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