After 25 years we are pulling a Saab 99 GL back to daylight

A Saab 99 GL has stood in the underground car park of a Frankfurt hotel unnoticed for ages. When it was parked there has long been forgotten. The employees from back then are long gone. For those who work there now, the old Saab has long been part of the inventory. He always stood there that he would ever disappear - unimaginable.

Actually, underground car parks are good places to store a car for a long time. Paintwork and plastics are not damaged by direct sunlight, and they are often well ventilated. If the architect has understood his craft, then the temperature fluctuations are kept within limits. That's the theory.

The Saab 99 GL, built in 1982, is part of a Collection, which is to be resolved. It's kind of an insider tip. The limousine is parked alone beyond the other vehicles that are gathered in halls and barns. It is only shown on request, and that is absolutely limited. All three parties visit the Saab, these are good chances of a smart purchase.

With (more feminine) Strong nerves manage to place a bid at the last second in the online auction. The offer stands out, the Saab and the associated hodgepodge in the underground parking bay change hands for a homeopathic contribution.

What Gérard Ratzmann from Saab Service Frankfurt bought, we can only judge properly when clearing out. Let's move to (and) 25 years the Saab back to daylight!

Dim - the dungeon of the Saab 99 GL
Dim - the dungeon of the Saab 99 GL

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