Big Saab meeting in Spain and regulars' table with Mrs. Miller

This year the second Saab 900 series will be 30 years old. The successor to the legendary 900 OG, which continued the tradition of the cool turbo hatchback vehicles from Trollhättan. That should be celebrated accordingly and while there are no reports from Sweden yet, the Saab Automóvil Club Andalucía are already positioning themselves.

Spain has a particularly active Saab scene and has always been one of the important markets for Saab. The enthusiasm for the brand from Trollhättan continues unabated, the blog has many readers on the Iberian Peninsula. Perhaps it would be a great idea for Central European fans to plan a trip to Spain in the Saab in the fall?

Saab 900 NG - the series is 30 years old
Saab 900 NG - the series is 30 years old

11. 02. 2023

Saab regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg

The SAAB Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg will meet next time on February 11th

"Mrs Miller"
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 52
25421 Pinnenberg
February 11.02, 19.00 p.m

All Saab fans are welcome! Registration would be helpful so that enough seats can be made available.



Retro Classics 2023 Stuttgart

The Stuttgart-Alb section in the 1st German Saab Club presents the Swedish cult brand in Hall 7, Stand No. 7C71

Information and arrival: Retro Classics

06. 05. 2023

6. Hamburger Saab meeting

The big Hamburg Saab meeting takes place between 11.00 a.m. and 17.00 p.m Brandshof instead.

03. 06. 2023

7. Saab Saturday

1. German Saab Club

The 7th Saab Saturday of the 1st German Saab Club will take place from 11.00 a.m. in the Agricultural Machinery Museum Riesenbeck instead.

Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum
In Vogelsang 77
48477 Hörstel-Riesenbeck

There will of course be enough food and drinks in warm and cold form.
We are happy to help if hotel rooms are required.
We still do not charge admission to the meeting.
Parts and accessories may be sold on site.
Access to the event with the Corona measures valid on that day!

March 04 – 06.08, 2023

Int. Saab 2023

The Saab International Club Meeting will take place in Gaydon, UK this year.

Participation can be booked from February 01st, 02.

Mehr Informationen:

September 2023

30 years Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG

Advance notice: Big Saab 900 NG / 9-3 OG meeting in Spain

The Saab 900 NG is 30 years old, the Saab Club Andalusia is planning an international meeting.

More information Saab Automóvil Club Andalucía (PULLS OUT)

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4 thoughts on "Big Saab meeting in Spain and regulars' table with Mrs. Miller"

  • blank

    Thanks Mark for the first hint. It will indeed be a magical meeting. Andalusia in autumn is worth a trip in itself. Plus all the beautiful Saabs.....
    I am in close contact with the south and will report regularly on the preparations.

    Saabige greetings

    The Lizi - a convinced 900 NG driver

  • blank

    Kids how time flies...

    For me, the 900 NG is still a modern car. Well cared for and fitted with cool white bulbs, it could easily hide its age day & night.
    With an H license plate, of course, no longer ...

    • blank

      There is still a lot of time left. We can anticipate that the meeting will take place in Estepona (Costa del Sol) on September 30


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