George Orwell was yesterday - tomorrow is geofencing

In my old school's library, George Orwell's "1984" was a big hit. The book was read many times, discussed lively, and we students were somewhat appalled. Orwell had started writing in 1946, the book was published in '49, we read it in the mid-1970s. 1984 was not far away, it was lurking around the corner.

In fact, I hardly knew anyone who wasn't upset about it and saw the Orwellian visions as a nightmare. Today we can smile mildly at 1984 at best. It is recommended that you pick up the book and read it again. What sounded visionary, it was. The predictions have even been exceeded for many parts of the world.

It's just a bit strange that nobody seems to get upset about it or discuss the topic. The fine antennas for too much surveillance are no longer functional. This is a pity! Because the EU is planning to make individual mobility happy with geofencing. A hot topic that nobody seems to care about - and that is accepted as a force of nature. It is about the legalized remote shutdown of individually driven electric cars and hybrids.

Is geofencing coming?

Yes, I want to


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