Saab blog subscriptions - what we are changing now

Actually, I had hoped for self-regulation by the readers. The old, discontinued subscription models - Basis, Turbo and Turbo Plus - should have expired long ago. To ensure that this happens, there were accompanying measures. The old subscriptions were slightly more expensive than the current ones, our voucher codes can only be redeemed for the current model.

Unfortunately, none of the accompanying ideas were of any use. The readers did not change within the offer, despite being asked. The old offers were extended again and again. That is of course not in our interest and also not in the interest of the readers. Because, among other things, we receive emails with questions as to why the voucher codes do not work. This is work for the Blog Helpdesk that is unnecessary.

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We are changing the subscription models

In order to finally bring order and a clear structure to the processes, we will be manually converting all current old subscriptions, i.e. Basic, Turbo and Turbo Plus, to the current scheme in the next few days.

For readers, this means that, in the worst case, they will not be able to access the database for a few minutes until the database has been updated. However, all login data and accounts remain unaffected by the campaign.

Since the affected subscribers paid more than they should, we add 10 extra days to each account as a thank you. So there is a small compensation, even if the campaign represents a considerable effort for the team.

In the future, this will make it easier to renew subscriptions, upgrade or redeem a voucher.

In general, each existing subscription will continue to receive a 10% voucher by email before renewal, which can be used or not. Nothing will change about that, and we will not touch the prices either.

5 thoughts on "Saab blog subscriptions - what we are changing now"

  • Hi Tom,
    that's a good idea. Perhaps it would be helpful if an overview of all current subscription options and conditions could be stored in a central location on the blog. Nothing can be seen in the login area.
    I'm thinking here, for example, of users who are interested in an upgrade.
    Many thanks in advance and best regards!

    • Let's do it, thanks for the suggestion!

  • That sounds good and clear! Just for info: The voucher didn't work for me either - although from Aero X Club to Aero X Club. But I didn't write an email because of the extra 10 euros to save you work and above all, of course, because the blog is worth every cent (of the full price)! 🙂 So please don't take it as criticism, but it might be helpful as an indication of a (technical?) problem elsewhere.

    Have a nice (Saab) weekend!

    • In general, coupon codes have an expiry date. When you extended your contract, a (now) known bug struck that has not been fixed to this day. The voucher was valid up to and including December 31.12st. valid - but the software will invalidate it over the course of the day. That's annoying, we reacted and added a few grace days until the manufacturer fixed the bug.

      • All right, thanks for the info! I assumed something similar too.

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