Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 6)

The countdown is on, because even the best campaign ends at some point. There is still time for submissions for the Saab Ice & Snow 15 - the winter photo - contest until February 2023th. In the days that follow, we will publish what has accumulated on our server up to that point and wait and see.

At the end of the month we count the ratings on Instagram and name the most popular pictures. The three best-placed Saab photos will receive prizes, then it's over, and we may start again in 2024 with a winter campaign. Maybe we already have an idea for the Saab summer on the desk.

Saab 9000 snowed in

The Saab sink in the snow

This week's submissions were what can be called particularly lively. The alpine region had received an abundance of rainfall. Probably too much of it and I can imagine that there will be a lack of enthusiasm about it at some point. Then it gets annoying, because somehow the white mass has to go again.

In any case, the Saab were literally sinking into the deep snow these days, and some readers thought of taking a photo for us. Class!

The mix of motifs that we received is also great. Even a historic Saab photo, skiing and Saab 99 in Italy was there.

The submission of the Saab Ice & Snow campaign runs until February 15th for all subscribers via our upload page. We have all the information about the prices, Saab literature, stickers and cups here described.

We wish you a lot of fun with the gallery on Saturday, which gives a (not complete) impression of the last entries.


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    Great shots!
    With this collection, the choice is particularly difficult...
    Yellow convertible or blue 9-3 in a wintry landscape..., both photos are TOP for me!
    Good Sunday !

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