Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 7)

Today we have the final. The deadline for our Saab Ice & Snow 2023 campaign has passed, the last pictures will start on Instagram in the coming days. The campaign was a success, never before have we had so many photos on the upload server. Now we're waiting for the reviews on Instagram until the end of the month.

Then we count the likes and name the three most popular Saab winter photos - and distribute the prizes. The question that arises is what comes after that? Do we want to start another campaign in spring? And do we have any ideas?

Saab winter photo

Looking for ideas for the next campaign!

A Saab Cabriolet campaign could be interesting. For the fabric roof faction, we have a lot in preparation over the course of the year, maybe even a Saab photo campaign that could last into the summer. In fact, we are open to ideas of all kinds, and we welcome suggestions.

What should we start next? Write to us, comment, we look forward to hearing about your ideas!

But now have fun with the Saab winter photos, which came to the server in large numbers for the finale. There are pictures with and without snow, and definitely with great cars! One picture left us at a loss, another was surprising and almost all series were represented again.

4 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo 2023 (photo gallery 7)"

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    just as a question, if a picture doesn't appear here wasn't it submitted? At least I didn't find mine?

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      No, that will then be published on Instagram, the gallery is not complete.

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    5 and 7 do it to me today...

    The 5 looks incredibly friendly, although heavily frozen, although the 9-3 SC should actually come across as latently "pissed off"...

    Sorry for the language, but it strikes me how incredibly aggressive some cars look today, especially from behind. There is hardly a rear view and taillights that are just functional or even smile at us. There only “evil red eyes” drive ahead and you are eyed suspiciously, mocked as a person behind you.
    This Saab smiles frostily but innocently backwards - like Santa Claus. A really beautiful picture. And the 7?

    Just ingenious how the antenna and summit are set in relation - also very coherent in terms of exposure, lighting, perspective, colors and contrast. It doesn't matter which glasses you're looking through (that of the motorist or that of the designer). Have seen entries for both glasses at every preview. A big movie theater. Thanks again to all who submitted.

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    The yellow tones in the gallery are great, even if the occasion was definitely not exciting.

    Idea: a photo campaign based on models would perhaps show how many great Saab models of contemporary history are still on the road.
    For example, simply 99, 901, 902, 9000 etc. This would also offer the opportunity to address like-minded people in the further course and on a private level.


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