It's incredible - the Saab 9-3 is back in motorsport

Some almost unbelievable things happened in the last week. Saab closed the gates more than 10 years ago, in Sweden the motorsport commitment ended a few years later. Former Saab teams, including those with a big name Wallenberg, then drove a seat over the course. A drama caused by the regulations.

Now Saab is back on the scene with a 9-3 Sport Sedan that made its laps around a racetrack for the first time last weekend.

In addition, autoscout24 thinks the Saab brand is great, how else can you explain a well-made video about the classic 900 Saab Cabriolet? A bitter sweet Saab story comes to our desk from Argentina. Welcome to the current Saab short messages, which are very international this Monday. We change the continent at the beginning and start in Australia.

Saab Motorsport - with Per Eklund

Victorian State Race Series 2023

The 2023 Victorian State Race Series season has now started in Australia. The popular series is open to amateur racers, and on the Sandown Raceway, in a suburb of Melbourne, a Saab 8-9 Sport Sedan started in the V3 class at the weekend.

The Saab, which is a silhouette racing car, was driven by Thomas Randle. He brought his father's Saab 9-3 V8, a racing car that was last in competition in 2015, back onto the track especially for the series. Of course, the Saab attracts more attention than the Mustang V8 that Randle usually drives. Because Saab still has a small, fine fan base in Australia and is unforgettable.

The online magazine reported about it and one thing is certain, Saab is back in motorsport, at least in Australia.

Saab 900 video from autoscout24

The Saab 900 Cabriolet has long had a cult following and autoscout24 asks why the brand hasn't survived? There would be many answers to this, but one can definitely be ruled out. It wasn't because of the cars themselves. The convertible is advertised as an "innovative car for individualists", the current video is made likeable and definitely recommendable.

The 10 minutes Saab in the Movie may be over too quickly, but in the end we agree with autoscout24. Fortunately, the convertible can still be bought used.

Saab story from Argentina

The blog is read internationally and a reader from Argentina drew my attention to his Saab story, which can be found at Vade Retro veröffentlicht became. The magazine is passionate about historic sheet metal, and readers have the opportunity to tell their own personal stories as well.

Alejandro is about a Saab 900 SE NG Coupe, which only found its way to him in a roundabout way. The story is bittersweet, the Spanish language is a stumbling block for those who don't speak it, and the automatic translator isn't particularly effective either.

You still have to take a look at Vade Retro. The many pictures have their own, internationally understandable language. They convey charm, drama and tell about a Saab at the other end of the world. If you allow yourself to pause for a moment, they even fire your imagination and a new, very own story could emerge.

With Saab of course and a 900 in Argentina.

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