Citroën C3 Aircross - Customer patience & Dolce Vita as a solution

It's Monday morning. The Citroën flags are waving in the winter wind in front of the Stellantis branch in Neu Isenburg. The Saab 9-3 Aero Hirsch Performance is parked in front of the entrance. Is it time now? Are we getting our C3 Aircross that we ordered a year ago today?

Or what else leads our way to Stellantis?

A review of the introduction! The ordered Citroën gradually mutated into a never-ending story. That was my correct one statement in January. In addition, the Aircross was already produced and stored by a logistics company, but was not completed as originally ordered. The change of the model year brought changes and cutbacks, we accepted this toad in January. We decided to be patient and wait. Because there were good reasons for it.

On the one hand the situation on the new car market in general and also the fact that we like Citroën and don't want to switch to a market competitor. Things have finally started to move in the last few weeks.

However, different than expected.

Saab 9-3 Aero Hirsch Performance in front of the Stellantis office
Saab 9-3 Aero Hirsch Performance in front of the Stellantis office

February 2023 - we are waiting for the C3 Aircross

February came - and with it the hope of our new car. But what didn't come was the redeeming call from our dispatcher from Neu-Isenburg. That led to consequences. The mood level within the family was slowly but surely approaching a dangerous tipping point. One that is irreversible, and the search for an alternative picked up speed.

The search was unsuccessful, of course. Because the range of compact cars that are not completely boring is few and far between. After around 48 hours of crisis and the risk of a tipping point, things slowly calmed down. There was no alternative to the C3, and another call to our new car dispatcher was put on the agenda.

That led to a surprise. And at a turning point.

Our dispatcher, friendly and always relaxed, had left the branch. Forever it seems. Instead, the branch management took over the C3 Aircross file, a telephone call between the customer (my wife) and the branch manager led to friendly understanding on both sides.

One side does not get the new cars to the extent that it urgently needs. Which is definitely up to the logistician and not just Stellantis. The other side would like to be mobile with a new car after a year of patience and understanding. Finally!

The interim solution?

We get a replacement car

The branch manager promises immediate help and clarification. If there is no quick and binding solution regarding the new vehicle order, we will receive a replacement vehicle. A few days later it is clear. The C3 Aircross cannot be promised within a binding period.

The rental car solution works instead. what will it be Another Citroën? I make the case for anything with a Dodge Hemi V8 under the hood and get family applause for it. Dodge belongs to the Stellantis family after all.

But it won't be either.

Back to Monday morning in Neu-Isenburg. The branch has now provided a rental car to bridge the gap. No Citroën, no Dodge either. Instead, a Fiat 500. Actually a 500C, a convertible, which we only register when we stand in front of it. I hope it's not red, I hear my wife say beforehand. The enthusiasm is evidently limited.

But that will change soon.

The 500 is handed over and instructed in the way a customer would want it to be. I've become a critical observer of cars in more than 12 years of SaabBlog. But here and now everything is absolutely right. A competent, friendly young employee takes enough time for the unknown customers. He explains, completes the formalities, shows us the Italian convertible, which is a new car, and draws attention to details.

The mood improves noticeably.

Fiat 500C hybrid dolcevita
Fiat 500C hybrid dolcevita

Dolce Vita - Fiat 500C

Because that Fiat 500C hybrid dolcevita Cabriolet is selected as if Stellantis were reading SaabBlog. The exterior bears the melodious name “Di Pinto Di Blu”, while the interior is in light beige. So my booty scheme. I watch the young employee who is instructing us suspiciously. So far I have assumed that the blog is no longer flying under the radar of Citroën Germany, but has not yet landed on the branch's radar screen.

Am I busted? If that's the case, the employee handles it fairly confidently. And actually I'm ruling it out until today's post.

Two questions remain at the end of the update. How does the rolling Dolcevita drive? The report follows. And, perhaps more importantly, who foots the bill of the sweet life? The Stellantis branch covers all costs including 1.000 kilometers per month, only the fossil fuel is on our account. However, you signal that the number of kilometers is not necessarily set in stone and that you can talk if the customer has to drive further.

Great customer service Grazie Mille! Spring can come, with the open Fiat!

13 thoughts on "Citroën C3 Aircross - Customer patience & Dolce Vita as a solution"

  • Chapeau for the Stellantis employee... what a charming offer :-).
    How good that the Stellantis "family" has choices...
    After all, it's the replacement car for your wife, provided without fail. Perfect. A charming offensive.
    They would certainly have provided you with a Fiat Abarth or an Alfa Romeo... 😉
    Enjoy the time in the small 500 when your wife gives you the keys.... 😉
    Waiting time can sometimes be really great!
    Have fun with the "little one"!

  • This is really a service, especially when you think about how some other active manufacturers operate.

  • That's what I like. You are fair and also communicate such good news. This is Stellantis best advertisement, don't always just write the negative things that didn't work.

    Great car by the way, I like the 500C!

  • Charming solution! But I think Tom, you were blown 🙂

  • My wife drives the 500C Hybrid (2nd car battery under the driver's seat) with such love and devotion that I am sometimes jealous of the little one. And indeed he has something. Especially when the weather is nice, I often fish for the key and swap the Swedish moments for Italian ones. The convertible top is lovely and the 500C is hard to beat around town. Driving with four people over short distances is not an issue either. So have a good trip with the FIAT through the spring!

    • The little one really has something. I couldn't resist yesterday and borrowed the car key. A real treat in the sunshine, I think I like the 500!

    • I can understand.
      Drive a 500E yourself and it has a different platform and is built in Turin.
      Small, manoeuvrable and crisp, nothing rattles and absolutely reliable.
      And the additional door has already garnered a lot of applause.
      Fast charging works great.
      Only we Germans are thinking again that we have to build e-cars weighing more than 2 tons.
      Should all drive the Fiat.
      Even the software runs super smoothly,

  • I like it because it's a better kind of retro design. I'm always fascinated by how small the original is. Fiat has managed well that one tends to forget ...

    The current minis fail me in this service and I find the attempts of the designers to shrink the vehicle with large logos and large lights to be clumsy.

    • Fiat is quite stylish there. And the 500 is really small, still.

      • Yes, it's well done. And yes, the Italians are stylish. It's also brilliant how you remembered your roots and classic typography when it came to the logo...

        There is also a 500 in the immediate family circle. Also with hood. It's not entirely clear who owns which car. Woman and man like to "argue" with a wink over who has to take the big SUV (!) and who can wear the Italian made-to-measure shoe.

  • As a compact car, I can warmly recommend the Suzuki Swift. Four-wheel drive, mild hybrid and simply top quality. The price is right and consumption is closer to 3 than 5 liters and that's in the hilly Black Forest!

    • Yes, the Suzuki Swift is a super car!
      In 2, I used just under 2010 liters with a 4 Swift on a CO2010 challenge from the Autozeitung and Suzuki, and thus took second place.
      The spare parts supply at Suzuki is probably much better than at Fiat. But as a rental car it doesn't matter. Everyone would probably have fun with the Fiat 500... great design, the little one!

  • Well, I like that very much, congratulations, just keep at it in a friendly way, that's exactly my motto in life, don't let go, everything will be fine and raises Citroën to a very respectable level, because they know how to deal with good, loyal ones patient customers and realize this in a smart way. So happy driving in the convertible, the sky is super blue without clouds here south of the Upper Rhine. Long live Citroën, but certainly also Saab, and many greetings, Ulrich

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