The combustion engine is said to be dead – and the Chinese are smiling

One of the European traits seems to be that they see their continent as the navel of the world. Apparently, this also includes the missionary self-image of wanting to demonstrate to the rest of the planet how things can be done better. The current vision: a green world, without emissions. But with many electric mobility offers.

For this, the combustion engine has to die. The end seemed already a done deal, now the resistance twitches again, and the final vote on the end has been postponed. How the drama ends is open for the moment. In the best-case scenario, it will probably end with a half-hearted compromise, in line with EU tradition. In the worse with a deal in the Brussels backrooms.

But maybe everything turns out completely differently! The decision-makers should dare to take a look outside the fine offices, beyond the borders of the EU. Towards the Chinese, who wear a delicate smile on their lips. Polite, but deeply amazed at the naivety of the Europeans.

Burners at the gas station

Yes, I want to


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