Why a cheap car? Buy the expensive Saab 99 GL!

Saab advertising was always special. Sometimes she was original and funny. She could be demanding and demanding. Not infrequently, the readers, sometimes even the sales partners, wondered what Saab actually wanted to express. It is an impertinence if you put a lot of text in an ad. This forces the advertiser to pause, and he takes a certain risk.

If the reader takes the time to read the ad, they may accept the arguments, like the product, and become a customer. However, there is a higher possibility that the ad will be skipped, not noticed and sorted out.

The Swedes dared this dangerous game in 1982. They advertised the Saab 99 GL, with which they had made the leap from the small car manufacturer to the middle class. A car with an incredible quality (Fahrbericht). In fact, with a pretty steep price. The Swedes are now flirting with that. Could that go well?

And, the question is important, who is the Saab advertising aimed at? Which competitor did the Swedes have their sights on?

Advertisement for the Saab 99 GL

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